Hump this Deductable!

Had a wee celebration last night for the house-buying. We really just needed an excuse to go out on a school night and have some face time with each other. Seige showed up, gave out sage plumbing advice, paid off a nice little busboy to google at Dre’s boobs and distributed general hilarity. MeShell and MGirl took turns at doodles and drawings while Dre announced that she needed more references in said blog. She’s tired of reading about MGirl and Moi, to which MeShell said well, we are busy being married! to which Dre replied “I’m available. I’m AVAILAAAAAAAAAAABLE! Well, only for girls..oh” She heard herself right in the middle of that statement. needless to say, lots of laughter. LOTS of laughter.

I needed it. Yesterday was spent talking to every insurance agent this side of the Mississippi, looking for quotes on the house. My brain is full of numbers and deductables and percentages and once again (will this never end?) people talking DOWN to me. Here’s the deal folks. Have I ever done this before? No. Do I have a lot of the knowledge at hand for any of this? No. Did I get to where I am today, experiencing what I’ve experienced by being a fucking idiot?

that is a rhetorical question.

BLEAGH. The thing about it is, i get a fat discount for having auto and home on the same policy. but my insurance, the people I’ve been with since I was 16, are the highest for homeowners.. Flop. The other guys, want my auto as well, but won’t give me a 250 deductable with the same rate for my car. They are trying to talk me into a 750, or 500 deductable which, as a single woman buying a house, is stupid. Just stupid. If something were to happen, I would need a rental(all my extra back up cars moved to Arkansas) and could come up with 250. Not so much with the 500 or 750. But no one wants to hear it. just Talk Talk Talk talk. flop. I’m probably going to keep my car where it is, and just do homeowners thru someone else. So be it. Spence said it would be frustrating yet rewarding. Four days into it and I’m ready for some rewards.

Everyone got their valentimes (i know i’m spelling it that way. i like it)lined up for tomorrow? It’s going to be nice here and the only reason I say that is because the lovely lady who owns the flower shop two spaces down from the salon will have a great day!

I took the morning to myself today. Have been really bad at working out the past week. Just need some me time. I need to do some heavy laughing. So we’ll see what weigh in brings tomorrow and get back on the horse at that point.

Ok. I’m out. To the shower, to the bank, must get some cat food and get to work. Have a delightfully productive humpday. Ciao.

2 thoughts on “Hump this Deductable!

  1. I’m so glad that my mortgage guy just included the insurance thing and that I didn’t have car issues that came into the mix. You’re doing it well, but simple it ain’t. I do NOT understand how people can’t figure out the difference between, “There’s a learning curve, I need you to explain this to me.” and “I’m an idiot.” Even really smart people (like us!) don’t know everything.


  2. Shit, I forgot about the “available” thing! haha. Good times good times.Believe me, all the stress is worth it babe. You are about to be a homeowner!!! No one can tell you how to decorate. 🙂


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