Bonding, Boo Hoos and Blink-Blink

It’s been a tumultuous week. I wish I could have the brain power to retain and retell the minutia of it all, but I don’t. However, I have photos and high points.

Sis, Mom and Wonderboy came in from Arkansas on wed, as you know. I left work early and ran around to complete my list of tasks, got it all in, even a workout and a tan! We spent the evening anticipating and got on the road the next morning. It wasn’t until I was in the car that i found out the other woman was NOT going to be there. I had almost worked myself up into a spell at the thought of running interference between the former wives and that one. So…whew. We got a freebie on that one.

It was horrible, the reason for the gathering, but I have to say I had the BEST TIME with my cousins and family. It’s been far too long since we’ve all been together. The CaliCousins 1,2 and 3 along with the Texascousins 1 and 2 kept me laughing every second. I hate that we’re all so far apart because frankly, we are funny. And seem to really connect. I think we’d hang out if we had the opportunity! Anyway, we get there and after awhile I take mom into the bigger small town to check into the Motel. I feel edgy and want to hit the grocery store for some stuff to dye Easter eggs, thinking Wonderboy and all of us could have some fun with a project. Pass the time.Calicousin 3 and Texascousin 1 go with me(will think of good blog names for them soon) We take Road to Motel and drop off mom. We then take Road to dollar general where we found the touchstone of the entire visit. Bling Jewlrey! Cheap, shiny, plastic. Some dollar sings, some with the words BlingBling, some medallions. Perfect! Actually CC3 found one and I had to get one for all 7 of us grandkids. It was just the thing I was looking for. Silly, stupid fun. Anyways we can’t find the necklace so we get the worker girl to go on the hunt. FINALLY! we hit pay dirt. She even found a kit of sorts that came complete with a shiny wallet and some million dollar bills, a grill, some rings, a set of sunglasses and another necklace. Perfect. I smell family photos coming on!

We then hit the local supermarket for foodstuffs for dinner that night and whatever else we can find that we must have. As we are walking in, it was as if the music screeched to a halt and everyone stopped to stare at us. They watched us walk around, they opened a lane to check us out. Both guys are somewhere between 6’3 and 6’7 and I’m not a petite flower by any means so I think it was just because they weren’t used to such height. who knows. More laughter for us.

We got home and dispensed with our gifts and they became an instant cult classic. We gave one to MeMe and she wore it around the house, even answering the door to greet guests! She says,”I answered that door and totally forgot I was wearing my blink-blink!” That sent us on another tangent!

We really had a great visit. I didn’t want to leave. Lot’s of laughter thru tears. Lot’s of tears. I’m exhausted emotionally and physically from the tears and the laughs! it was a nice balance. I’ve found my people on myspace so hopefully we’ll be better at keeping in touch.

We got home Friday night and I got up and worked my ass off on Saturday. My phone was blowing up with calls and texts and I had no time to do anything about any of it. Saturday night was Maegen’s party and can I just say, WAHOO!!! A party was exactly what i needed to twist off from the week. back in the hometown, familiar faces.Kevintatesdad, here’s a pic of me and Steve Maddox! Tell Sandy to have a cookie lookie! Good times.

Sunday afternoon we gave my sis her baby shower and she got a great haul of new stuff. We are all beat down to just fuzzy nubs. Flop. She had a good time. I’m glad we did it. They left early this morning, trying to beat the weather which is looking to hit their part of the world sometime today. the cats are all very happy to have peace and quiet back to the house. Wonderboy had just a small altercation with Stormy Soprano. He came into the living room holding his wrist and started wailing. I didn’t pull his tail!! I only touched it! He broke my pipe!(sliced open a vein) I don’t think I can go back to Arkansas!! I almost horked up my coffee and had to get the band-aids and ointment and perform emergency surgery while laughing inside!! I’m not the only one in the family who hates goodbyes!

Next week is M’Lynns birthday celebration then the next weekend is me back to Arkansas for Wonderboys 6th birthday. (it’s actually Tuesday the 11th) and then possibly closing on the house on the next week. We’ll see how things are moving along. will keep you updated.
Today is just rest for me and the Bonusmom. We’ve had it. I need to get laundry done and make a trip to the grocery store for some provisions for the week and that’s the extent of my working. Going to try to upload pictures of the week. My computer is acting funky so we’ll see how that goes.
thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers and texts and phone calls. You can’t possibly know how much it means to me.
love love love.

One thought on “Bonding, Boo Hoos and Blink-Blink

  1. At what age do they learn that starting the story with “I didn’t [fill in the blank]” is an ADMISSION OF GUILT!!! I was just reading this quick before I hit the ladies room and when I read about MeMe’s Blink-blink I peed myself. Gonna need a new office chair.


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