List? What List?

So, didn’t do much on the list today. many were put on the back burner due to lack of funds. Need to work a bit this week and save some tips. So i don’t feel so bad about that. They will get done. I am in the process of doing laundry. It’s GORGEOUS here today. In the 70s, clear, sunny, no wind. Delish. Bonusmom helped me carry the grill back up to the deck and tonight I’m doing brats and kraut. Grilling slices of potato and steaming some broccoli. Mmmmmmmm. A meal sure to incite major gas, but whatever. it’s low in points!! The first grill of the season! Halakaleem it’s coming!!

I did go get B’s flat iron and picked up some wax supplies for work. I put ten bucks worth of gas into Bella. It’s 3.15 here. The hell???? This is only going to get worse thru the summer i think. Good thing I’m moving back to the city soon!

What I did do was use my g.c. that Bonusmom gave me for Christmas. I got a massage and facial. I was in there for about two and a half hours. This is what I look like now:

It is difficult for me to relax. I’m wound pretty tightly and with the impending week of work and errands and travel to Arkansas and family and coming home and buying a house and then figuring out a working schedule to start “doing work” and getting everything turned on and deposits paid….bleagh. I figured today was a good day to treat myself. It felt great.

I checked on my tax refund today. It is heading my way this week! Furniture shopping…here I come!! Gert said there is a site that is like a box of crayons. I am going to try to find it and show you the paint colors I’ve picked out.

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