Deposits and such

Yesterday made the first steps. Called the utilities and ordered everything to start on Monday. Got my deposits and account numbers. Everything is pretty well normal except for the gas company. Apparently I was still listed on the Dublin Rd address and according to those payments my deposit will be 190.00 BOO. HISS. SPIT. However, I spoke with Ex-Him and he said he sent letters and his last bill was only in his name. He’s going to get me copies of that so hopefully it’ll get cleared up. Anyways, it’s starting. Another downer is that I may not get possession of my house at the closing. Depends on when funding goes thru. Now here’s the bitch of this deal. I am coming back from Arkansas to be at closing at 4pm. However if we’d have closed earlier, the funding would have definitely gone thru, and I could have had possession and continued with my plans to go to my house immediately and start doing a little work! My realtor never gave me that option, to rearrange stuff. Fine. I ask yesterday if we can still move it up but we cannot. Now it’s because she can’t get off work to be there any earlier. But she doesn’t actually need to be at the closing. My mortgage broker is going to be there, and frankly, at this point it’s all me anyway. So you see what I’m dealing with? This is the kind of non-communication crap I’m going to be so ready to not have in my life anymore. Everyone just needs to get their house (me) and get their money (everyone else) and get on with life.

I know this will all work out and be fine. I know it will. But until then, I guess I’m doomed to wake up at 3 and 4 a.m. and fret over contractors and paint brushes and how long it will be before I can afford cable and internet!

talked to wonderboy last night to say H.B. and to ask what he wants for a present. Leggos. just all leggos. and stuff for the pool. goggles. and a place mat with transformers on it. but don’t spend too much on me…I asked if he really said that last part and his reply was, “nope.” Was it your mother talking? “yep” Ok. well don’t worry about it. I’ll see you this weekend. Happy birthday. “Ok. Happy birthday to you too!”

In that spirit, I wish you all happy birthday today! It’s gorgeous here already. I’m heading to the gym and to the Village municipal building to sign up for whatever I have to sign up for and pay them money. Then I’m off to bang some hair. Today, methinks is 1986 again. Perms! Perms! Perms! Huzzuah and Halakaleem! and ps, I love George Clooney!


2 thoughts on “Deposits and such

  1. YES a resounding YES. Why is it that people with hold some of the information when it would be best if you had all the information? And why when you are trying so hard to make these grown up decisions does it seem the Universe bites hard? This is the crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s time. And it is frustrating. And less fun than the looky find a house… move in… start dream. Barbie never had to pay deposits. And when she didn’t want to deal with Ken he went back to his hole and her stuff was still hers. The point being…. again YES! I am giving you what I have got… all my energy. Hold on. Soon. Very, very soon all will be well.


  2. Do you remember a stand up comedian in the late 80s/early 90s called Brian Regan? He did a great bit called “inappropriate use of the ‘you too’ phrase.” It included things like having a ticket seller say, “Enjoy your movie!” and you automatically reply, “You too!…uh, you know, next time you go see a movie which is probably soon since you know you work in a movie theater so you go right ahead and enjoy it whenever that might be….” It was freaking hilarious. Happy Birthday to you too!Keep the birthday spirit and hopefully everything else will roll off a little easier.


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