Soft Flowers and Pick Axes

Drove like a bat out of hell last night to arrive at Wonderbaby’s waking hour! Sweet sweet sweet child. We hung out, partied like rockstars, had feedings, watched some Deadliest Catch. Then slept. I stayed here at my sis’s house to help with the nighttime baby stuff. We rocked it out at 11:45/midnight, again at 3am and again at 5am. Dad got some well deserved rest so at that feeding he was up and I transferred myself, still in work clothes from Saturday, to Wonderboy’s bed and crashed a bit.

Wonderbaby is delightful. He doesn’t make much noise, just wiggles, eats, and poops. He’s a rockstar.

Wonderboy however, has already given me enough giggles to make my year. Here’s a few choice tidbits.

(touching Wonderbaby’s lips) Mammo, he’s as soft as a flower! (reaches over and touches a fake flower in a display) well. not that flower.

(having a spell of wild farts)
Mom: Is it poop day?
(it wasn’t poop day the previous day and if we go more than two days it hurts)
WB:nope. those are just butt workers. They work up there and chop stuff up and make it come out.
Mammo: well my butt workers are on strike!
(second day which is in fact, poop day)
WB: oh man…
Mom: did it hurt?
WB: yeah. My butt workers had pick axes.

Cue hysterical laughter.

Didn’t bring my wires to upload pics. Am coming home Tuesday so will give you a little Wonderbaby lovin at that time.

I’m exhausted. . . . .and ass deep in baby bliss.

Huzzuah and Happy Sunday Funday! Drink one for me,ya’ll…

2 thoughts on “Soft Flowers and Pick Axes

  1. Congrats with the new baby! Where does Hayden come up with this shit? Oh I laughed so hard I peed a little bit! Thank you I needed that!


  2. It’s not right when your butt workers bring pick axes. The best butt workers are like Oprah, big, soft and black.Much love.


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