First night was ok at first. KikiMama found a nice soft pile of clean clothes to curl up in, Stormy had camped out under my Gert Chair and was playing a mean game of string and Sambo was, as par for course, trying to sleep inside my face, trying to get as close to me as possible and pur us into dreamland. . . nice huh?


Till about 3:30 in the morning when Sammy decided to explore every bit of the house and meow loudly at every discovery. In the bed. Out of the bed. In the chest of drawers. In the closet. In my shelves. Good LORD!! NEVER SHUTTING UP. I finally gave up and got out of bed about six fifteen. ugh. But I’ve been awake for about four days, it feels like.

The boys are fine. Both have eaten, litter boxed, ran around the house playing. They want outside in a desperate way. I have sliding glass doors that lead to my back yard and it’s KILLING them to sit and watch. But everything I’ve heard/read says No Bueno on outside recess untill they have been here a few days. Anyone else got any ideas or info on that for me?

KikiMama…well she’s pissed and unhappy to be in a small house with the two boys. Sigh. Family dynamics…

I’ve got a decent day today, with a break in the middle where I will go to the grocery and then come home to check on the kids. We’re having potluck at work tomorrow and since all my kitchen pals are unpacked, Halakaleem!!

Have a great day! Halakaleem and Happy Thursday

One thought on “Rough.

  1. AT LEAST a few days, I’d say. Have to make sure they know where to come back to. And maybe even supervised outings only at first, though I’ve never really figured out how people supervise their cats without it just being “watch my cat run away”.


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