Friday File

well we got a little more sleep last night that the previous. I believe we are all adjusting to our new life. Could have been that I was just too damned sleepy to wake up to the noise. Whatever we’re up and atem this Friday morning. The sun is shining. I got up and made taco pizza both with meat/beans without beans and vegetarian for our potluck today. I have a kitty laid out in my lap, the big boy on the table pining out the window and the girl who is still pissed off at me walking around. Stormy just walked is fat ass right out the kitty door and used the potty this morning as if it was nothing! Smart boy. I tried to show Sambo, but he refuses to just walk thru, he has to take his paw, pry open the outer edge, get his head under that, then paw open the actual door, and by that time his give a shit is gone so he just turns around and lays down.

ahhhh. Normalcy.

Heading to the bar tonight to see a band with MGirl. I’ve decided that we are living life per Season Five of SATC. No boys. Just girlfriends and life and laughing. That’s it. We’ll tell ya how that’s going next week!

Have a great weekend normal people, and for the rest of us, ONE MORE DAY!!! Halakaleem, Huzzuah, and Happy Friday.

Ps…just watched Knocked Up again, and can I tell you how much I am in love with Seth Rogan. Yes I realized I just said Season Five, but this is movie boys and I think that to be safe enough.

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