Four Fourty Four

That would be the time I woke up this morning. Boo. Hiss. Spit. And no, I didn’t just jump right up and make cofffee, I tossed and turned and the livestock was moving around. I tossed and turned some more and finally when I looked out into the hall and Sambo was literally…LITERALLY climbing the walls (where the storage/drawers are) I decided to chuck it and get up. It’s a perfect sleepy morning. Rainy, calm, hazy. I may get my fat ass off the chair and go to the gym. If not this morning, back at it after work. It’s time.

I’m going back to weigh in today. Haven’t been in over a month….bleagh. It’s going to be nasty. Remember when I had gained this? Hopefully it won’t be that bad….if it is, we’ll see. So much going on and I kind of lost sight of the goal. But in turn, have set, and MET new goals. No smoking. none. Nary a puff nor a drag. Feels good. I’m still patching it up on the weekends when I’m being social. It helps that Mgirl has quit as well. She’s just rockin it out too. There’s still a few smokers in the group and to each their own but it’s definitely easier when the people you spend the majority of your time with don’t do it. So….with the quitting…more with the eating….bleagh. We’ll see.

Have I told you my garbage/recycle conundrum? Well, I have two big bins for trash and one big bin for recycle. I am still unsure as to what day of the month the recycle is picked up…during the move in month, there was just so much trash. We had to use the recycle bin as well. I sat it out last week and nada. Didn’t even touch it to empty it. Well, yesterday morning, it was my late morning and I heard the trash guy out there. I’d pulled all three bins to the curb and ran out to talk to him…he had not in fact, emptied the recycle but gladly agreed to do so. Now, I’m pretty sure it had very little to do with being a joyful worker and lending a helping hand, and had everything to do with the fact that I had on my sleep tee shirt and no bra…guess the old girls can still do work!

Just saw on the news where the gang from High School Musical is doing a remake of Footloose.

I feel really uncomfortable about that idea. Just. Leave. It. Alone. Your thoughts?

The housewarming evite has had great response. I know some of you out of state received the thing, and it was just to show you I wish you were going to be here…but if you didn’t please don’t feel left out! It’s our first time with the evite thing and when merging the address books…bla bla bla. If you are local and want to come, get me your email and I’ll send you the link!

Ok guys. It’s still freakin early and I’m wide awake. Might as well do some housework. The cats are hissing and fighting so I need to do some parenting. Good. Grief.

Huzzuah and Happy Thursday and I love George Clooney! We want YOU to have a great day!!

2 thoughts on “Four Fourty Four

  1. You’ve heard that the CW is remaking 90210, too, right? It does make me feel a little uneasy both that and the Footloose thing. I hear that I should watch High School Musical, that I’ll like it, but I haven’t been able to do that yet.


  2. uhhhhhh nooooooo. What the EFF??? Remaking my 90210??? Please tell me none of the original actors are going to star in it??? please PLEASE tell me no…off to google. I haven’t seen HSM yet either…I’m being stubborn.


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