‘Nother Day “Nother Dollar

After the banking debacle that was my morning, I got to work and got “operation wire transfer payback” activated. Should arrive in the account tomorrow. Halla! So I had a pretty good day. Workwise, foodwise. It’s all been steady and good this week. Tomorrow is funky I have two or three appointments and they are all over by one. I work until 7. So I’ll stay open and if I don’t get anything I’ll cut out early and watch the OU game at the bar with MGirl. If we got anywhere else, I’ll spend money. At the bar, I can drink free diet coke all night long and that’ll be great.

so what else? No meetings or weigh ins this week. Think I touched on that this morning. Started exchanging daily journals with Chrome again though. Accountablilty. Gah. it’s a bitch.

Over at HysteriaLane, things are JUMPIN! If you haven’t visited in awhile, go on over. The girl’s got big dreams (cue Debbie Allen and theme to FAME) and big big plans in motion. She deserves an Atta Girl! Lawd, but she deserves one.

I guess I’m boring tonight. The redhed is disenchanted with South Beach. Joe is gettin sick so I am going to drive him over a big bunch of veggie soup that I am munching on.

Ok, I guess I really had nothing to report. It was a good day. I hope yours was too.

Remember how much I love George? Well. It’s been awhile. I thought I’d remind ya. Here’s a drink to you. all that stuff at the top? it says Geroge Loves Zelda.

2 thoughts on “‘Nother Day “Nother Dollar

  1. Thank you. I love you. I cried all day. Happy tears… scared tears… sad tears… told Noodle. Such a big girl.


  2. Gert is made of tough stuff and although this is going to be hard on her and noodle she will finally have a career that makes her happy and we all know just how fast 6 months really moves. Tell her I love her and am praying for her…by the way I love you too and need you more than you know..you are so good to take care of JOEMamo


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