NY State of Mind

Yeah, I’m not in Tulsa this weekend.
I’m in New York City. Right this minute, Astoria Queens. In about an hour, Brooklyn. Brunching in Brooklyn.

This trip has been chock full of ridiculous….surprised by that? anyone? anyone? And I promise to get each detail down here, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. I promise.

I will post pictures too. THAT I promise as well.

Aaron and family, Seth and AbbyNormal, Chrome, Kizz, moi and a host of other grand beings rocked it out last night for her party. Kizz was as surpirsed as anyone could possibly be. When planning said surprise, I totally forgot about one tiny detail.

Ya’ll know my story about why I can’t play hide and go seek, or go to haunted houses? the minute I’m hidden, pee. pee pee pee my pants. Well, the same goes for when one is hiding in the starwell about to surprise her soul sister at her 40th birthday party. I forgot about that.

No, I didn’t pee my pants, but damned sure almost did!

with that tidbit, I’m out to brunch. Brunching in NY on a Sunday. OH and it’s effing cold here. Lot’s of snow yesterday which was gorgeous and cold. Today, it’s frozen and cold. Beautiful!


3 thoughts on “NY State of Mind

  1. Hey, remember that time a couple of days ago when we had that miserable walk home and it was really cold x 3?Well, now it’s really cold x 12.17 degrees with a wind chill of 2.I thought I was going to die on the way to the train this morning.At least the sidewalks are clear.MF!


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