Saturday In The Park With Chrome and a Big Surprise!!!

Thanks to everyone who made it through that last epic post. Well, it was certainly an epic day. I was supposed to have arrived in NY at 8:30 pm and Chrome picked me up sometime after midnight. I forgot to put that in. Gah. But oh well. We drove home and coming across the bridge I saw the lights of the city that I love so much, what that holds so many people that I love so much and the chattering halted.

I need a moment.
Take it. Take it, she says. Because she knows. Even though she lives there, and works there and laughs there and hurts there…she knows. And gives me my moment.

Sigh. Beautiful.

So we fall asleep and get up the next morning and stumble out into Astoria and it’s just beginning to snow. Beautiful beautiful fat flakes. Pure white. The neighborhood is bustling on a Saturday morning. And as we sit and have our bagel breakfast and coffee made expressly for us by my BagelBoyfriend (not unlike Cher. In fact, it’s exactly like Cher) and we watch the people go. Yoga mats. Papers and coffee. Lots of people hitting the market for stuff to make tonight when it gets really cold. It’s beautiful. We walk around and hit Chrome’s fav thrift store where I bought some more books. HEY!!! I KNOW I”M GROUNDED FROM BUYING BOOKS BUT THEY WERE A DOLLAR FIFTY EACH! Then we just walked around. Walked down to her park, and the snow was just falling and here I am with my coffee and my bestie and I have a huge surprise ahead of me tonight and I know, with all certainty, that life is good.

We make it back home and my stomach is just full of butterflies. Mothra is in there, too I’m thinkin. The surprise! Getting to see Aaron and his family! I haven’t seen him in seven years. Getting to see Seth, who I have seen more since he moved to NYC that when he lived in OKC, but always happy to see him and I get to finally meet his lovely girl, Abby! So I’m stoked. Chrome and I are working out our performance bit for tonight’s entertainment and getting ready and before we know it we’re out the door again trekking it to Brooklyn. In all the excitement, I leave my gloves on the train and my hands are freezing, but its just a minor detail and who cares. We arrive just at the time we wanted to and Chrome rings up and I follow her and hide in the stairwell right outside her apartment. I can hear the screams and giggles and general buzz from the party. Lots on energy in that place. and I’m standing in the stairwell holding the tiara I’ve brought for the BirthdayGirl to wear and I have to pee like a Russian racehorse.

I have never been able to play hide and go seek. The minute, and I MEAN THE VERY MINUTE I get hidden. Pee. So my heart is pounding and by pounding, you can see my scarf moving in and out, and my head is racing and I am so excited to share in this birthday that I am THIS CLOSE to bursting out in tears….all the while I’m standing alone in the stair well.

I had planned to stay a bit longer, but well. had to pee. and just couldn’t wait to see Kizz’s face. so I walk around and knock on the door that was ajar and the first face I see is PonyExpress, who I haven’t seen in a few years and doubt she recognizes me. There was a moment of GAH! I said Where’s (and I meant to say Kizz but I think I said Chrome) and it didn’t matter anyway because from across the room I caught her eyes and she screamed OH MY GOD YOU AREN’T IN TULSA* OH MY GOD OH MY GOD and ran across the room trailing droplets of champagne along the way. We screamed and hugged and…..then cried. and it really could have been the ugly cry. I was that worked up. and I love this girl that much. But again…had to pee.

*everyone on Facebook has been in on the ruse of me and Mgirl taking the weekend trip to Tulsa. writing on each others walls. there were a few close calls but the secret was kept and Kizz was really surprised.

The party was fabulous. I got to meet all of Kizz’s people. Pony Express, who I’ve known but it’s been some years since I’ve seen her. MamaKizz, SoDivine, QueeenBee, AudioGirl…the gang was there! Aaron and his girls arrived and a Saginaw Reunion was happening. We walked around the block to the coffee shop for warm drinks, entertainment, more talking, and I got facetime with Seth and his lovelygirlHubble, Abby.

As it happens when worlds collide, my brain was racing. My heart was full. I was grabbing bits of time with everyone I could Watching Kizz enjoy her tribe. Seth and I had a good talk, and God bless him, I think he finally gave me insight to this thing I’ve been doing all year. He was encouraging about my upcoming auditions and we talked about our mutual friends here in OKC. Abby was just perfect. She’s funny and witty and gorgeous and smart and just everything that one would want in a partner for your friend. We made plans with Aaron to meet up the next day and shuffled back to Kizz’s apartment to warm up and get the backpack of mine that I left.

This was perhaps the part of the night that made me hurt the most. From laughing. MamaKizz and SoDivine are perhaps two of the funniest women that I’ve ever met. And I don’t think they are trying to be. It’s not a ba-dum-ba kind of funny. It just an oh-my-god-that-was-brilliant kind of funny. PonyExpress even traded seats with me for fear of my falling over backwards from the laughing. Good stuff.

it was a cold ass trek back to Astoria but we made it and we got up and did it again the next morning for brunch. Bagels and schmear and mimosas at the apartment and then a quick jaunt into Chinatown to deposit the New Hampshire ladies onto their bus, a quick shopping trip for a new purse for myself and for QueenBee, then back at the apartment and hanging out with Aaron, Amy and Miss Marilyn. Laughter, tears, guacamole and chips, cold beer, some football, talk of times past, talking with Dion the Chicago Mafia Princess, playing with the child who is really, light years ahead of all of us, saying good bye to the family, watching the Golden Globes, looking at the beautiful full moon…it was all so good.


The next morning, I took myself from Queens into Manhattan and met Kizz at the Drama Bookshop where I picked up a few scripts for play committee meeting then we hustled ourselves over to the Edison Cafe (God Bless you Roger for giving us that place) and had our usual brunch of french toast and corned beef hash. MMMMMMM MMMMMMM GOOD! We then hit the train, and met Chrome and said our goodbyes and an hour or so later Chrome deposited me at the airport with hugs and love and again…I was on a plane.


The travel day was smooth and easy. I was just worn out. I still kind of am. I am so blessed with these lovely people in my life. and now I have NEW lovely people…QueenBee I heart you!!! I’m still playing catch up and getting back into things like dealing with the bank and picking up the house that the livestock demolished.

SERIOUSLY DEMOLISHED. chairs overturned. all of the pictures on the back of the piano are knocked down. the candle sticks are stuck between the wall and piano. there are two collars in the kitchen floor and tufts of hair scattered ALL OVER THE PLACE!

So my week will be getting back to normal. I got a call from my bank guy and it looks like I AM going to get to refinance my house, significantly lowering my payment. THANK GOD!

Right now, I’m sure you’re sick of my babble and I need more coffee. There’s a lot going on. Gert is in the process of crazy life changing stuff. Go give her a hollar and an Atta Girl. Chrome is living the life and though she will give you an itemized list of reasons she’s isn’t, I maintain that she’s living it well. Kizz is still recovering from the weekend but I think will post pics soon. I still can’t
find my stinkin cord to hook up my camera but maybe that’ll happen this week.

Happy Humping Day everyone! I’m getting more coffee.

2 thoughts on “Saturday In The Park With Chrome and a Big Surprise!!!

  1. It was good. It was so, so good. If someone would just figure out this stupid teleportation thing we could do it every weekend. Marilyn, Oh Marilyn!


  2. Ok…the part about the surprise brought tears. So perfectly yummy. One of those moments you wish someone could pull from your brain and record for history.


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