Edison Cafe, it most certainly is NOT

This is NOT anything like what you get at the Edison Cafe when you order a side of corned beef hash to go with your french toast. I thought…ehhhh maybe? when I bought it. Crap shoot at best…

I knew however, that this was not going to be good when I opened the can and was hit with a smell that wasn’t nearly as good as the catfood I’d just fed the livestock. Ok. maybe it always smells like that before it’s cooked. I put it in the pan and start to heat it up and OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD somebody take the dead body smell out of my house!!! Do I stop? nope. just put the lid on the skillet. At this point I took a little gander at the facts on the can and got out my handy dandy little weight watchers point slider…when I had to take it out and turn it over to get to the correct amount of calories…(hell NO I didn’t throw it out then! if the dead body cat food smell didnt do it, you think I’m scared of calories???) well. Turns out corned beef hash is not so w.w. friendly. I’m thinking…if I take the lid off and it’s JUST LIKE WE GET AT THE EDISON CAFE….I don’t care.


It’s all now in my trash which is out in the dumpster.

this public service announcement brought to you by Lean Cuisine Pizza. 7 points.

9 thoughts on “Edison Cafe, it most certainly is NOT

  1. My mom likes to clean out her pantry and give us all the canned stuff she thinks dad shouldn’t eat, mostly Vienna sausages. One time she gave us a can of that corn beef hash. Chris ate it. No lie. He’s got the intestinal lining of a dog.


  2. I’ll work on getting you a good recipe. Gram has one. She who has a friend who is a little c chef should not be eating hash from a can! Love you Sister!


  3. When I was in the National Guard, I remember opening up the pack of “Corn Beef Heave”, looking in the packet and asking someone, “Is this stuff pre-chewed or something?”


  4. I love that this is the most commented on post.and look…here’s another.by the way…not so much for either the hash or the v. sausages…just saying.


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