***and by have teeth and bathe, I mean George Clooney

How was your Monday? Good? Busy? Hard to get going? Yeah…mine too. I didn’t go out last night as usual. Was feeling like I needed to just be still. Went to bed early and we were having some gorgeous thunderstorms here. There was some nasty tornados out east, and a friend’s family was in the path. Property and cattle damage, but as far as I know, no one was hurt. I’ve had the house opened, the fans blowing. Gorgeous. It rained today, and am sitting here in a sweatshirt, once again!

SO…remember me telling you about my friend who lives in the future? He does. He lives thirteen hours in the future. In Taiwan. We knew each other in high school, barely but have become better acquainted through the Facebook. Today, we instant messaged for FIVE HOURS. He helped me go through my computer and clean out a bunch of stuff, detail by detail. It was awesome. I got rid of a bunch of stuff I didn’t need. Freed up some space on the ole gal. Things are moving a bit more fluid now, so thanks to him! but hells bells! FIVE HOURS!?!?!?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THAT?

My hiney was kinda hurting by the time we signed off. It was dawn at his house, and time for him to sleep. Vampire? eh. I like the pointy teeth. whatever. I had to go to the grocery store for a few tiny provisions. Cat food. Toilet paper. Coffee. a Kashi pizza that tasted like ground up lips and assholes. I got that done. I did vacuum and make my bed and do a load of dishes. Not a completely wasted day off.

Tonight is COMEDY!!!!!! Sing with me kids! Tragedy tomorrow COMEDY TONIGHT~!!! Here’s the site for my boys. They’ve got it all sparkly and spiffy. I heart these guys. Truly madly deeply. Listen to their podcasting, as they throw around some of the funny. Anyways, tonight is a big show, with new talent that includes improv. I’m happy for that. I’m not fucking participating, but I’m happy for it!

Tomorrow night is happy hour with MGirl and maybe a few others from work. Checking out a new spot with some local music. Other than that…I got nuthin planned for the rest of the week. My goal is to get my fatty boomba-latty ass to the YMCA. Get signed up. Look poor so that I can not pay the joining fee. Get on the horse and ride it to fame and fortune. or at least to some smokin hot sex. with this guy.

Who am I kidding? I’ll practice with anybody*

*and by anybody I mean a select few**
**and by select few I mean men who have teeth and bathe***
***and by have teeth and bathe I mean….have teeth and bathe. yeah. that’s a deal breaker.

Huzzah and Halakaleem!!!

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