May Day! May Day!

Got home after a really really long day yesterday to frantically pick up the house, before the family arrives. I mean, it’s not bad. I’ve actually done really really well at keeping things going during the week. One of my friends commented a few weeks ago, “if you’d do your chores during the week you could relax on your days off”

That’s novel.

So I’ve been trying. I still need to dyson the carpets but that’s about it. finished the kitchen…the trash situation is becoming apocolyptic. Nope. Didn’t make it in time this week. My plan for the weekend is to use the two recycle dumpsters that are no longer in service because my neigborhood doesn’t pick up recycle anymore due to the economy, and then pull all four dumpsters out to the curb and wake up early wednesday morning and verbally talk the trash guys into emptying all of them. They won’t touch the recycle…anyways. that’s my plan.

I woke up at 2:30 this morning to tinkle, then realized i had not plugged in my cell phone as I do every single night. I went searching the house. Nope. Put on some clothes and got the keys and went to the car…yep. so if you called. i haven’t even looked. I just stumbled back and plugged it in and back to the bed. I’m a nervous nellie about that phone so I cannot believe I left it in the car.

I ended up missing second commission by THREE DOLLARS. yesterday. and I called people. I text people. Eyebrow Wax anyone? but you know what? it’s ok. I made the first one. I made my product commission…yesterday I was at 14% when only 10% was needed…so it’ll be fine.

The Redhead is in NYC this weekend. Probably on his plane right now. Weekend trip to see The Vegan and AbbyNormal. It’s his first trip. I have a very special affinity for anyone taking their first trip to that fair city. I sent with him this book to read. Remember folks…it’s what saved me the last time I flew!

My family arrives today! I’m really super excited. My B-I-L has been researching ways to remove shrubbery and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna get things done around here this weekend. He really is a treasure of a man. I hardly talk about him but I’m so blessed he is in my life. He’s such a funny guy, and works his fool ass right off, and never settles and is always making things better for his family, for my family. He rocks. I’m happy for facetime this weekend. Hopefully they can help with my gazebo crisis…it’s needing some luvin. with a capital L!

So what else folks? Haven’t heard much from the future the last few days. Guess the worlds’ still moving out there or we’d have gotten some info! I’ve been blissfully ignorant of the swine flu epidemic because since I moved the computer to the office, I’m back here and not in front of the telly. didn’t even turn it on last night. laid on my couch and read a book. very civilized. and somewhat Amish.

My director of the movie I’m in on Sunday is a client. Did I tell you guys that? An amazing one. anyways, he said he might could fix my iBook so I’m taking it with me to the shoot on Sunday and leaving it with him…hopefully! I don’t really NEED to working computers, but I’d like my stuff off of that ole gal.

Doo da doo…what else? That might be it from here. B…I want you to know that I’ve been VERY SUCCESSFUL at my Mary Kay regimine. Morning AND nights. and honey…i think some of that sandpaper wrinkly crap is going away!!!! HUZZUAH!!! (this portion of the blog brought to you by the Timewise line of Mary Kay Cosmetics…Pink never looked so good!)

Im done today. Gonna have some more coffee. Head over the the Facebook universe then get ready. It’s potluck today for Cinco De Mayo. Don’t ask me why we’re having it on MAY FIRST…

HOLY FREAKIN SHIT IT’S MAY FIRST?!?!?!?! YOU GUYS!!! May. May first. Sweet monkey it goes fast does it not? ok. so we’re doing a mexican themed potluck and i”m so over it that I did nothing. I”m going to see what shows up this mornign then hit the grocery to buy additions. I don’t even want that because we just eat eat eat all day long. and I have SOME appointments today but not a ton so that means FREE TIME!!! I gotta find another book to take and read.
anyone ever read this one

and for licks and giggles…

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