Another First

I turned on my a/c tonight.
It’s hot.
damned hot.
crotch pot cookin hot.

and really…for us here in The Plains, it’s not. it’s just muggy as all get out and stifling. and I figure…ehhhh what the hell. Give myself a good night of sleep. Besides that…with the back door open to let in the breeze there’s about a billion flying creatures that are making me and Kikimama crazed. She’s chasing and enjoying. I myself…am not.
or enjoying.

This week has been LONG. boring. long days. I did have a few appointments today which was good. Tomorrow, however, I have one. One style. Shampoo, blow dry. done. I am going with my PseudoSis to watch her kid in a talent show at school for our lunch hour. That’ll be a kick in the pants dose of fun! Kids crack me up and this one is no exception. He told his mom he was singing Wagon Wheel. (wagon wheel by old crow medicene show. look it up.) he isn’t but dang I’d love it if he did!

I’m ready for the weekend. Going to hang out low key tomorrow night with MGirl then with PseudoSisters 1 and 2 and their fam at the Bedlam Baseball game downtown. That’ll be funfunfun. I’m a sucker for some baseball. and beers! Huzzuah! Gonna find a way for facetime with Gert.

Hopefully the weather will allow me to work in the yard. move firewood to a stack. pick up firtch. make pretty. Hopefully it wont rain rain rain. Gak. We need some mental health sunshine around these parts.

Oh! and I can’t get into my email account. Hotmail I guess is under seige. that blows. I’m annoyed with that.

I got nuthin else.
I’ve actually got tons else, but am marinating on what I want to discuss. Some of it will bubble up to the surface this weekend, to be sure.

meanwhile I love you.
I love George Clooney.
life is good.

3 thoughts on “Another First

  1. Gads! and I wrote you a long e-mail yesterday…but it was just saying that rejection by someone you really love is WORSE than death, it is a living HELL. The more you are around them, the more you bleed. I prayed that if God wasn’t going to make him love me (ha Ha, HE gave us free will to choose our own path) then would he please, please take the memories and feelings out of my soul and let me heal…Guess what, he did. (not overnight) but I couldn’t be in love with him if I tried as the scar tissue is too deep and the feeling just isn’t there, no sign, like Sodom and Gammorah or however you spell them. Gone!!! He is just a friend, except for you and Misti I don’t even have a feeling except for a guy I made friends with in 1954, my oldest, longest friend. Anyway that is what I told you on the e-mail. The guy from the future was a doll in HS and I imagine you all have a lot in common and we all love his mom and know how crazy and fun she is so it must have rubbed off on him. Help him plan a trip to the US!!! His mom would side with you on that. It is fun to have someone to laugh with, even long distance, someone to make you feel good and happy.At least you KNOW what qualities you need and want in a permnant relationship….and know what makes you can stear clear of those men…I love you, Mamo


  2. I let a junebug in the other day. Hooper hunted the rest of the evening until we heard a crunch crunch. I bet they taste like candy. You should sign up for a gmail account. They are free and great!


  3. Text me tonight if you go to C Bar or any where I can meet you… I don’t know what the plan is for birthday… by the seat of my pants as usual! But I do want to see you!


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