Just Another Dexter Monday….

On my way home tonight I had many a thought for a post. . . recap of the rockstar weekend…bedlam…being called a MILF by some douchebag wearing my OU colors…crappy mexican food with really fabulous not crappy friends…sending the day falling in love with a serial killer…DEXTER!!! OH MY GOD SEASON ONE!!!!…the one yar anniversary of my friens 796 Entertainment doing a fabulous show that was seen by many a people…going up onstage for their stupid gameshow skit and giving the other contstant the answers just because I wanted him to win…

so many thoughts. Lots of thoughts this weekend. Lots of stuff going round and round and round in my brain…Thunderdome as it were…


I’m good. I’ve had many a conversation this weekend about life. Choices. Friendship. Cleveland. Grandparents. Suffering. Loss. Gains. Bliss.

It’s been a good good weekend. I’m full of love. It was Mother’s Day. I got to speak to one, and finally sent at text on another. Church. Timelines. Bleagh. I have a difficult time on Mother’s Day anyway…cuz I’m not one. and that’s my deal. It’s ok…

I had a great GREAT conversation with the Future on Friday. I was actually LATE TO HAPPY HOUR if you can belive that of me! we had… a revelation of sorts. not quite a quid pro quo…but a realease…for me…of some anxiety about the upcoming reunion planning meeting and whatnot. He sent me a few songs. YOU CAN DO THAT VIA INSTANT MESSAGING by the way. for you cool kids already in the know…amazing. put a nice smile on my face for aobut 72 hours. I get to see Gert next weekend. Bring on the weekend!

I’m good, kids. I know that the faceamask is in place. I know that most of you think I’m asking for trouble by going to comedy on Monday nights. and hey. yeah. bleagh. But I did good tonight. I got up there. I particiapted. Yes. I would rather give myself an abortion than go onstage in front of HIM and HER and look like a chubby girl who is growing her hair out…but whatever. I did it. I survived…with nary a thought to either of them. Just had actual genuine emotions of pride for the group…and laughed with my friends…and look forward to the week.

i did an assload of laundry today. and inside cleaning. tomorrow…I mop and fold and put away whilst watching the season finale of Biggest Loser!!!

Happy Monday everybody.

7 thoughts on “Just Another Dexter Monday….

  1. You are strong and crazy and brave and, of course, I love you. I love you so much I will tell you this thing to make you laugh and cry simultaneously before I tell the rest of the internet.Last night I had a dream that I was visiting that dude I had the affair with in his apartment so I could…borrow his printer. Not a euphamism. I think my subconscious hates me.


  2. just snorted coffee. and now my week can begin! YOU are fabulous and strong and crazy and brave and I LOVE YOU TOO!!!


  3. I celebrate the fact that I’m not a mother on Mother’s Day. Technically you are a mom. What about the cats? You have more talent in one toenail then the two of those people combined. Don’t ever forget it! We love you.


  4. I know there are better things to do than torture yourself with him more or less a her???? He has the audicity to want you to do a skit with him and he has a HER at comedy night…what a nitwit or an uncaring, selfish, fool…need I go on…Listen to the future and know what matters and it is definitely not HIM…You are so talented and you are NOT chubby and your hair looks great the way it is…so concentrate on expanding your circle of friends, guess there aren’t any of them that you are interested in a permnant relationship with, and have fun. You are beautiful and so much fun to be with…love you so much and quit snorting coffee. HaHa


  5. Yes, that whole IM sending YOUTUBE game Bunny Boiler and I used to do is fantastic! Can’t fucking wait to see you! Wear waterproof!


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