Things Are Looking Up

The last two weeks I’ve been very very worried about my job. About money. About surviving. I’ve been giving serious thought to finding a part time job at night, maybe cleaning offices or some such. Just to get ahead with savings. And frankly, I still might try to do that. Find a bartending gig on the weekends. Find something a few nights a week. SOMETHING.

However, hair banging has picked up this week and my future weeks are prebooked quite nicely. I think these last two weeks were the last of the fall out of being in a play. Missing work. Cutting hours. Not prebooking. Not having openings. It takes a toll. Today, if everyone shows, I’m pretty busy. It’s another long long one. 11 or 12 hours…come on money. I’m saving tips for graduation presents. I have a cousin that’s graduating and must get her money/card in the mail this weekend!

The weekend has shaped up thusly. I am not hosting any kind of cookout. Seems that everyone was wanting to do one, everyone was going here or there. My brain just got too fuzzy. Sunday night we’re going to PseudoSister2’s house. Just going to combine a random group of peeps. Hopefully Gert, Joe, will come. Elephantsoap and Numskullery are welcome too! I think the Ringo’s are doing their own thing so will stop by over there for a bit. Saturday, I am a gonna plant some stuff in my yard, dangit. That afternoon/evening we’re going to Paseo Arts Fest. It’s my favorite weekend festival. Lots of people watching. Hippies and dogs. Murph’s dad is playing that night so we’ll get to see that! wahoo!!!

For A Good Time Theatre Company (aka Michigan (SPIT)) is holding a reunion in November in Wisconsin. I’m so there! Cannot wait! Going to save save save and fly to Chicago and drive over with Dionysas. This is the weekend before my birthday on Tuesday so it’ll count as my party! I haven’t seen some of these people in ten years. Oh Lord, but I’m giddy with anticipation! So if anyone hears of cheap flights out of OKC, forward it to me!

I’m out kids. Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Up

  1. Let me talk to Chris about Sunday night, but we’ll be at the festival (at least I will). Art of Yoga has free classes going during the fest. I’m teaching Saturday 4:30-5:30. Come check it out!!!!


  2. I’m not sure what we have planned, but we will have Jantzen with us regardless…so let me know what all’s going on!! B and Ringo


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