Lots of Stuff In My Head.

So, I’ve poured through The War of Art…almost twice since Numskullery and Elephantsoap gifted me with it last week. It’s AMAZING. Some…many…of the exact same phrases that have been coming out of my mouth are in this book. So so good. It’s got my mind a racin.

in a good way.

Finished out the workweek with slooooow days. We get paid Wed, so hopefully tomorrow will be one last push on this pay period. The hooker is coming in with her long ass hair for her “spiral perm, yo!” on Thursday. We may need extra candles and prayer beads that day. Anyways, Friday night I went over to the Cookster’s. I haven’t had facetime with her in…quite possibly over a year. We sat, her hubby cooked dinner, we had a cold beer, we drove all over the place taking her kid the correct phone charger…it was awesome. She and I have been friends for many many years, and while I miss her face on our daily/weekly/monthly thing we used to be so good at, we pick right up as if not a moment has passed in our friendship. Tried and True.

Saturday was a birthday party/cookout over at the Redneck Riviera. Friends of mine have the backyard that I would LOVE to have. Great deck, beautiful privacy fence, one of the blow up soft sided big pools…oh it was nice. MGirl and I played Auntie with one precious baby who would not go to sleep else she miss out on something! Sat around and chit chatted with everyone…pretty low key and delightful! I woke up the next day with wonky family needy feelings…just a little left of center…wondering if all of this energy wondering is just a waste of energy?

Now, yesterday I had grand plans, folks. So that I didn’t join the girls for brunch and never planned on going to the bar last night. Grand plans to get up early and get the yard mowed before the heat came in, get some cleaning and organizing done, and sit down and write for an hour. Get really focused on that. I woke up around 3 or so when Sammy jumped in my bed soaking wet and holy crap! RAIN!!!! LOTS OF RAIN!!! It’s been 100 or over here everyday for at least a week, maybe more so this is great news. I could feel the world cooling off, my house quit sizzling, the a/c even turned off once or twice!

I slept all day long. I did get out of bed and moved to the couch. I made a big yummy breakfast of fresh hash browns, veggie omelet, toast with my grain bread from the farmers market, fresh coffee. I watched season two of Sex and the City. I napped. I watched the end of season whatever of How I Met Your Mother. I napped. I watched the Dateline thing on Farrah that I’d taped. Mom called and I was still asleep, napping. I did eventually wake up, clean up the kitchen but for mopping. I made a big pan of fried okra and squash for dinner. I ironed most all of my laundry that needed it and hung it up. I watched all three of this seasons eps of True Blood. SLURP. The only social interaction I had was with Danny, my every so helpful Sprint Customer Service agent who for over half an hour helped me figure out what plan I need to switch myself and M’Lynn to for some savings. We laughed. I was witty. He gave me free picture mail. The best date I’ve been on in a year.

I did not organize the office.
I did not think about writing.
I did not write.
I did not finish the book.

RESISTANCE got me yesterday. Took me out at the knee. And what was so funny about yesterday is usually I cannot possibly have those days without and underlying cloud of guilt and voices saying “you need to be doing…” and rest is not restful in the least. Yesterday, I heard the voices and sufficiently quieted them down with “I’ll do it Monday.”

Took me out at the knee, I tell ya.

So here’s today. And it’s not soo grand that I cant get it all done.

Mow front and water. done
laundry-progress and working on it today
rearrange the office, possibly move big furniture if I can do it by myself.
write for an hour.
mop kitchen floor and bathroom floor.
work on reunion stuff: calls to photographer, dj, possibly drive to Batshitcrazytown to open bank account and deliver photos for our website.

So…that’s that.

Huzzuah and Happy Monday ya’ll!

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