Hot Child In The City

My air conditioner is out.

Yesterday around six pm I was back here still working on reunion stuff online when I heard some really loud popping sounds from the hallway where the unit is. I thought, freakin cats. are they in there??? I tentatively opened it up and immediately screamed. There was sparks, and flames shooting out from some wires. I turned it completely off…and just stood there. Smelling the burn. I tried it again, turned it on, and BAM! so frack. I called Marco The Great and he said he would come first thing the next morning, but while we were on the phone he wanted me to try it again. Bad sparks. Bad burning smell.

If I hadn’t heard it…
If I hadn’t been home on a Monday…
If I had been outside doing yard work…

gone. flames.

I went to comedy last night just to get into some a/c and when I got home…yeah, I tried it again. This time a little fire lit on the wires that I had to blow out which led me to dream all night long about my house catching on fire.

I’m scared.
You all know how scared I am about money right now…but this? This is going to be big. Even Marco the Great said…”Zelda…if it’s what I think it is…doesn’t look good but we’ll figure it out and go from there.”

I’m scared.

Gert opened a door for me to go out and work at the War Bar. Bartending for War Beans…and part of me wants to jump at the chance…but the other part feels like it’s a poor move when I could probably find a bartending job in the city and not have a forty five minute drive. twice. The point is…I’m trying not to swim in the muck. There are options. If I have to get that second job…well this is the sign I guess I’d need.

just talking this out is helping me focus. And pray. And visualize.

I’ll let you know…

3 thoughts on “Hot Child In The City

  1. Glad Marco came and rescued you from the Hot Tower. He is truly great. Love you Chick. Wednesday night!


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