Love Notes…

So I got the crackberry phone yesterday. The tiny little buttons aren’t the problem I figured them to be. I think I like it…haven’t had time to play with it and set the volume and rings, so I miss calls and texts like crazy. Oh well, right? I did figure out how to text and how to facebook…my two major ways of communication. . . and last night through that sweet shiny red toy came the kindest of words…

The Vegan in NYC text last night.

Hey kiddo

(nevermind that I’m a good 9 years older than he. it makes me feel young!)

how are you doing?

He’s a comic (brilliant) and an author (coloring books) and just one of my favorite people in the universe. THEN he gave me Abbylicious. and I loved him all the more because SHE is just about the best thing since spice racks. They both know that the last 6 or so months have been just this side of sticky for me and stand strong in their support. They both have made the pitch for me to get onstage and try this format out. Seperate from each other, prodding me to DO IT!!!

Just nice nice nice. Warm and fuzzy nice.

In another Love Note…alltogether different from the previous…I GET TO SEE CLEMO’S FACE AT THE THEATRE REUNION IN THE FALL!!!!

Yes. We are all going to Wisconson in November. Not what anyone would call a typical destination for the years vacation but ya know? There’s not a single one out of this group that anybody would call typical. Nor would any of us strive to BE typical. And we haven’t been together as a group, without missing pieces, in about ten years. AND it’s my birthday weekend. I couldn’t ask for a better gift. And while it took a little practical magic, Clemo has signed on and that just makes me one happy girl.

The weekend is gearing up. I’m gulping coffee. Tick Tock ya don’t stop…

I love you! You and you and you and you and you. and you.
thank you for loving me back.

oh and you. you I most certainly love. . .

2 thoughts on “Love Notes…

  1. So excited about all the reunuions! Theatre darling! That will be great! Vegan, the point… it seems to the meeting the Red Headed one. Look at what you have gained! Delicious! I love you chick. Love you. So glad you have a Crackberry…


  2. ah yes. The Redhead. It's funny the things that were set into motion the day he walked into my salon and randomly got sat with me. life is quite amazing.


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