Creak and Groan–and Love Thursday.

Did some stuff this week, to be sure.
cleaned the car inside and out.
cleaned the house, to the point of now I just want to DEEP CLEAN the house. Yesterday I walked about 3 miles then did bootcamp last night. I’m a little creaky and groany, going to get down in the floor and do some stretching after this post. and this coffee.

I did get some sushi and about 30 minutes of facetime with Joe and Gert while she’s home on her extended vaca weekend. It was too fast. But we take what we can get these days.

It’s a short week for us, long weekend for most of the Normals who get Monday off. I’m busy, as usual.

have I run this down yet? if I’m repeat posting, just read ahead. I’m going walking with my new walking partner LT tonight, tomorrow she’s having her housewarming party. She just moved three streets away from me as opposed to 30 or so minutes away from me. We’re excited. So that’s Friday. Saturday day, I’m going to walk around the lake again in the morning, and I would LIKE to do some pre-landscaping on the yard. Get something accomplsihed with the house. Saturday night is a wedding I’m working.

side note, Saturday is also opening day for College Football which has been counted down on billboards all over OKC since June. it’s a big deal.

Sunday I have about three things to juggle, dinner, birthday, gathering, and hopefully I won’t get so overloaded that I cave myself in and ditch it all. I plan on hitting the birthday party for about an hour or so, drop off my pressie and try to get to the other places. Monday day is off, and since I’ve been good and done most of my chores I can be lazy. Monday night I’ve picked up another shift at the event center. a wedding, and apparently this chick puts the Zilla in Bridezilla. heh. we’ll see how it goes! I’m going into work at 11 on Tuesday so I should get some rest. but whatever. I’m focused on making $ and getting debt paid off.

We’ve also been working like freaks on the reunion. it’s in about 17 days. so far, we need about 10 more people to sign up and pay and we can afford what we’ve got planned…it’s sooooo stressful. We’re going to have one last planning meeting next weekend to assign homework and get stuff taken care of…everyone cross fingers that we can make this happen. seriously.

Work is slow, but I’m taking Zoe with me and can plan on her, also started reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. it’s been around forever, but my client/friend brought me her copy so I’m all about that.

Last night, I woke up crying. I can’t remember why, but my eyes were crunchy’d together. I do remember my sis and I coming home from what I think was NYC because Chrome was driving us to the little airport that I flew out of last trip. We then got “home” which was apparently Sookie Stackhouse’s home in Bon Temp a.k.a. True Blood.
No one got killed but for awhile I was afraid I’d lost my suitcase. (it was still in the car)

even my brain is creaky and groany.

Hey Everybody, I just remembered it’s Love Thursday.

Right now, right this minute, I love the weather. It is the BEST mental health weather. We here in The Plains are still usually smokin hot this time of year. I’ve had the a/c off all week, with the doors open and the breeze coming through. The cats are happy. My bedroom with the fans and the one window open is the best sleeping weather. it’s lovely. It smells as if we MIGHT actually get a Fall. And Fall, fall is the beginning of my favorite season. The smell of pumpkins and pretty colored leaves and fires in the chiminea and fire pit. The sound of friends laughing together. It’s the beginning of all things fun. Halloween. Birthdays. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. Straight on till morning…

i love that.
i love you.
i love george clooney. (yes. he’s texting me)

3 thoughts on “Creak and Groan–and Love Thursday.

  1. This morning while sitting in the yoga room at the downtown Y trying to do my meditation practice, I was distracted by the drill Sergent hollering at his boot campers. I thought of you. I also thought that some days I need a meditation drill Sergent. Happy Love Thursday!


  2. Oh my Gawd! The weather is beautiful! Its so good to be home. I'll catch you at the event center on Monday fo shizzle. Got to see this Zilla. Yea for money!


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