Reunion D-DAY!

I cannot possibly tell you, explain to you, make you understand how EXCITED I AM for this weekend!!! I know I’ve bitched and moaned since January or June about the work that has gone into planning this event. Darci, Misti Lynn, Steve and Alex and I have really become a cohesive team and I have to say…we’ve got a great weekend planned.

This morning, I slept late. Got kitties snuggled in with me, having coffee in the morning breeze. I’m doing laundry so that my house guest won’t sleep in cat hair. I’ve got the following errands to run. Catering kitchen to pick up my check from last weekend. Salon, need a braid in my bangs. Mall, shirt for tomorrow. Shoe Gypsy, my first pair of Tom’s. Bank for checks and bank bag and deposit mo money, then back here to get Misti Lynn and head to Sams for our food buying frenzy. Oh, I need to stop by the bar and beg some food warmer thingys too…

Tonight is homecoming at our new stadium. It’s going to be a HUGE deal! We are also expected to actually kick our opponents ass…not a bad thing either.

I will have my own camera and will post pictures too, but I have to say I’m totally excited for our photographer to work this weekend.

I’ll prolly not be around until Sunday or so…have great weekends. Stories to come!

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