Sunday Funday

I dont have much to report…it’s been a great weekend thus far. Facetime in Batshitcrazytown with Joe, Delbert, Gert and the gang at the war bar. . . Long ass day at work and then bartended a birthday party last night…by the time I got to the where I was going I was halfway done. Lot’s and lots of sleep last night. Got up this morning and had lunch with Mom and BonusDad who was in town for HIS high school reunion. They’re abundant this month! Anyways, that was awesome. facetime with family. facetime with friends.

The boyfriend and I have done some domestic chores and are now just lazing away the rest of the day.

life is good.

I feel like I have tons more to say, but who the hell knows what it is. The only thoughts floating in my head look like this:

One thought on “Sunday Funday

  1. I was going to say something about "domestic chores", but realize I'm more mature then that. But I still think farts are funny.Fart!


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