Facebook Status: Single

There’s been a change over here at the Circus. The Mistress of Ceremonies is single. Again.

and without spilling guts all over the interwebs, things are fine. This was a good move. Mutual and dignified. I’ve since seen a few bits that are flipping my bitch switch, so it really affirms that this is the right thing.

I am sad. This had great potential. Fast and furious and full of light and love and laughter. I don’t know what disappeared first, but he had been wanting out for sometime now.

So we will learn from this. Know that we gave a really good effort. Walk away friends and go from there.

This is what I know:

Relationships come out of left field. Keep your eyes open.
Those little voices in your head become louder if you ignore them.
The same rule applies to relationships.
Communication is a requirement that is non-nogotiatable for me.
Honesty is the same thing.
Laughter can fix a lot. If both are laughing.

Life is good my friends. It is. I will be fine. This looked soooo good on paper, it sucks that it didn’t work in reality. But something else is coming around the bend. Let’s keep our hearts open for it!

I’m heading outside to rake leaves. It’s gorgeous here and I need to soak up some sun! meanwhile, I love you. and I love George Clooney.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Status: Single

  1. I am most thankful that you get to see your besties soon. Most thankful. I will give and extra hug to Kizz to give to you.It's a Mad Mission.Sign me up.


  2. What can I say… welcome back to my box dear. You are lovely. I really felt like Sam did when she got the call from Carrie anyway… wink


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