Eat Me. I Dare Ya*

*title in reference to the Last Time I Flew To See My Tribe

I’m packed. I have the clothes. I have the hair stuffs for with to make the pretty pretty. I have the shiny shiny for with the make the blog/facebook posts. I have the camera for with to show you how fun and cute we are after ten years. I have reading material. I dare not to take any David Sedaris, but I’m into the Outlander series and my friend/client brought me the next two meaty meaty books so will take that and a few scripts to peruse. I bought a winter hat and gloves and packed my coat. The trash is taken out. The fridge is void of prospective funk. I’ve got people caring for the cats.

I think it’s time to fly. Chicago here I come!

I’m looking forward to some fabulous stories…though I cannot IMAGINE a world in which I could experience another travel day like the one above. But you can bet your bippy that if I have a day that tries yet again to eat me…it’s going to get a mouthful.

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