She Sleeps

Saturday was a great day at work, though we were all just exhausted from the long Friday. I had a chemical relaxer and a perm back to back. woof. Stinky! That perm was beautiful, but it felt as if I were rolling it in jello. slogging and slow. Got off work finally and headed to the grocery store. I had not been since way before the trip so I was really down to the bare pickins in the pantry. The cats needed moist food and I needed some milk and soup fixins. It just feels good to have provisions in the house.

Came home and though the house is still wrecked I had no energy to clean. I picked up a teensy bit, enough to let me be still for the night. I made Chicago style pizza. I was inspired from my trip. Figured it couldn’t be that hard, and it wasn’t. The crust needs work, but when you only pay a dollar for some crust mix…eh. no worries. Ate the pizza. Had to have an hour long conversation with Sprint about my FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR PHONE BILL. The Hell????? Yeah, turns out the last time I talked to them and paid my bill, THEY didn’t do any of the stuff they said that they would. It was a bitch. But it’s taken care of. Funny thing is, now that I don’t have the boyfriend, I’m not TALKING as much so probably don’t need the extra minutes. Eh. I’m going to use that as motivation to TALK to my tribe more. Voice to voice versus text to text. So that got fixed and I started watching Away We Go.

woke up half way thru it and though it was only 8:30 pm…to bed I went. And didn’t wake up till 8:45 this morning. Woke up with Sammy all curled up under my chin, his paws around my neck. We were snuggling. and WOW. How human do I feel today?!?!?! Yay!

Brewed some coffee. Fed the livestock. Even Stormy made an appearance for breakfast. Curled up on the couch, it’s rainy and cold outside. I’m making a mental list of what I want to accomplish today and tomorrow and will possibly get some of it done before I meet Gert for brunch.

First. Free. Weekend. Since. September 18th.


I could just roll on the floor with glee. (oh did you watch Glee last week? best ep of the season in my book.)

Ok…I have some more stuff to talk about but am going to get some coffee and perhaps a slice of pizza for breakfast. happy weekend ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “She Sleeps

  1. Whenever I found myself without boyfriend in the past, I found that it often freed up a LOT of things, including cell phone minutes.


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