Zumba Zooma Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Do you Zumba? Is that a class that is offered at your gym? In your area? I tried it tonight for the first time. Let me say, it is muy caliente with the Latin/Salsa/twisty/hipshaking/ridiculousness. I was a little afraid I was going to blow out a knee with the twisting, but I worked it out and rocked it out. I am very much aware of how NOT loose I am in my hiney area. Felt a little like a drunken hippo trying to bring sexy back…but whatever. I finished it!

It was only 30 minutes THANKTHEGOODLORDABOVE. I was sweaty. Like nasty dripping hair sweaty. I’d already done over a mile on the treadmill waiting for it to start then that, so I feel pretty stinkin good about it all.

I’m making a new dinner tonight. Stuffed bell peppers with Boudin. Cajun sausage and rice misture, topped with panko breadcrumbs and delish! Roasted veggies to go with my Biggest Loser viewing. Dad stopped by and brought me half a case of wine for my birthday. HUZZUAH!!!! Think I’ll open one with dinner and enjoy.

You guys, the laundry is taking over my life. I have class in the morning, and a thing tomorrow night (we’re finally going to have our “live event” for the sketch comedy thing we filmed this year) so hopefully Thursday night I will get to work on it. jeez louise. It’s outta control!

but whatever. I’m off to check my cajun peppers and veggies. and to crack open that wine. Happy happy evening to you. Stay warm.

2 thoughts on “Zumba Zooma Zoom Zoom Zoom!

  1. Wish I could have been a mouse in a corner…I would have never made the first move…I am working up to five minutes on the eclipse, which is good for an old obese woman.


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