that I’m getting a fever blister on my bottom lip. It’s fat. and swolled up as if I’d gone ten rounds with Stormy Soprano over the squirrel head.

Today was a rough one initially. I’ve been soooooo internally stressed about money. Fucking scared. I know that we all are, I know that. But my lip swolled up on account of my stress.

The day? Totally filled up. rang over 400 which was amazing for a Tuesday. So I’m grateful to you for your prayers, your energy and love. Eternally grateful. I made enough in tips to go buy my bird…THE TURKEY! Not a real bird. ha. Like that would last two seconds in this house!

Tonight, I’ve done the following:

Made the brine

Cleaned the bird

Placed both bird and brine in brand new clean container from dollar tree! GENIUS!

Made the Herbed Cornbread

Sauteed the Celery and Onion and more HHHHHHHHHerbs (because there’s a F***ing H in the word!)

Put the rest of the ingredients into the dressing. Covered and ready for the oven!

Pretty good eh?

This is what I have to do in the morning:

So…tomorrow. Gym. Laundry Put Up. Work. then FACETIME WITH FRIENDS!!! Hawk sent out the invite on FB and wrote this fabulous ditty. I leave you with it tonight:

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving
And all through the town
We all wanted to get together
And put a few down

For we know we’ll see family
The very next day
So low-key and easy
Will be the way we’ll play

No stopping to throw up on the way out of town
We’d just like to visit while all are around

Hopefully you can make it
and we’ll see your smiling face
We can get some laughs in
before we say grace!

2 thoughts on “Methinks….

  1. Without reading the post, just scrolling down, looking at the pictures, it's easy for me to think "Poor Misti, here she is making Thanksgiving dinner and all her friends have been raptured away, while she's been…left behind."


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