I felt a little stressed last night at the sheer amount of stuff that I felt needed to be done before I take off for Arkansas, and I know it was compounded by only having Sunday off which I used for sleep, laundry and reading. I started making the dough for cinnamon rolls that will be made tonight. and I don’t have any appointments past 4 today so I may can get some of this done:

1) fill up car with gas
2) get oil changed
3) remove some of the backyard furniture to the lil shed in prep for nasty weather that will appear whilst I am away
4) clean out fridge and take out trash
5) get started on the packing
6) pick up house and have it ready for my trip
7) get catfood and litter prepped for LT to take care of livestock
8) get LAST TWO GIFTS for sis and b-i-l which LOOKIE THERE there’s the commercial for what she’s getting right there on tv this very minute!!! it’s a sign. I was on the fence, but that kind of seals the deal.
9) Clean out the car for travels
10) begin the great cinnamon roll bake off of 2010!

So I was stressing about getting this done and feeling like I needed to do more, or feeling like I haven’t done enough because it has been done for me this year…then I got my note from the Universe:

What people rarely give themselves credit for, Zelda, is that their giving continues giving, even after they’ve forgotten giving, and even when they didn’t know they were giving, forever and ever and ever.

At least I’m keeping score,
The Universe

It’s the little things, folks. Take time this week to give attention to the little things…

3 thoughts on “Stress… TEN OR MORE

  1. I had a little sign from the universe today, too. I sneakily brought in some home mades for the porter/odd jobs/ catch everything guy here at work but worried about when and how to give them to him because I hadn't brought any for the receptionist or, frankly, for anyone else. I don't feel bad about that because he helps me every day, all the time and we have good laughs together and he recently shared some very painful Christmas/family info with me, I guess 'cause he needed to talk. I did not, however, want to start hoopla by coming off as impolite. Got in late this morning and there he is at reception. Receptionist wasn't there yet. So I could, with no drama, give him his gifties and tell him that I was only doing it for him. It made things really easy and for that I was grateful.


  2. Christmas morning, Chris and I always have cinnimon rolls for breakfast. But we get the kind that comes out of the can. I guess we are sticking to that tradition since we couldn't find the equivialant in organic form. Let the people who do the oil change clean the trash out of the car. And listen to the Universe.


  3. gas, checkoil, checkcinnamon rolls, checkfridge clean, checktrash out, checkcar clean (ish), checktomorrow: move backyard stuff to shedbegin packingbuy last two giftsstraighten house


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