Christmas Eve a.k.a. HOLY SHIT THE WEATHER!!!

I awoke this morning in my bed to the sounds of gusty winds and sleet…I stumbled into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of ambition and feed the livestock and turned on the weather and holy shit!!!

So. sleet. ice. 60mph winds. near white out conditions to the west…I was headed east today and thought I’d better get a move on. I’m lucky to have gotten out when I did. The toll road I take has been closed down. Interstates are closed. There was more than one multi-car pile up. People were stranded. The driving conditions were shitty, but I persevered and at the rate of forty five miles per hour I made it to the front of the storm and hauled ass the rest of the way to my mom’s in Arkansas. It’s headed our way, to be sure we will see a White Christmas…

We had a lovely traditional dinner of turkey and dressing. We opened pressies and ooh’d and aahhhh’d at the kids. They’ve gone to their house to get the kids to bed and prepare for Santa.

I have anxiety about my home and my cats. But I’m sure they’ll be ok, tomorrow will bring better conditions for being mobile and LT will be able to feed and check on them.

I’m going to take a fistfull of pills and hit the sack and wake up bright and early to bear witness to my nephew’s Santa haul and begin the fun!!! For now, I have my 4th Outlander book that I’ve been saving and a nice comfy bed to climb into…

Boys and Girls, snuggle in tight and dream sugar plum dreams…Santa comes tonight and so does the snow!

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