THE LIST–2010 Edition

Soooo Here’s my list. Perhaps I shall add to it as the months go by…

1) write. I want to finish a writing project and perhaps look into publishing.
2) get back onstage more than once.
3) work on stand up comedy again.
4) change my eating habits towards more organic and clean living.
5) find out about more farmers markets/locally grown foods to purchase.
6) move my body either at the gym or in some other physical fitness fashion.
7) work on finances…savings, nipping and cutting back.
8) pay off computer debt.
9) work on replacing windows at the homestead.
10) get my car in for some updates and tuning.
11) check into getting new tires for the car.
12) get to the eye doctor.
13) get to the dentist, REGULARLY!
14) Organization in my house…drawers, closets, kitchen cabinets, all of it.
15) get my birth certificate so that I can
16) get my passport.
17) play the lottery, (cant win if ya dont play!)
18) work on paying off credit card debt. perhaps a consolidation loan?
19) plan something smashing to celebrate turning 40!
20) have a date with a man.
21) perhaps more than one.
22) see more live theatre.
23) re-build my clientele at work.
24) think about other avenues of income.
25) think about where I want to be in the next five years.
26) work on some form of healthcare for myself
27) read through the books we’ve all got tagged over at goodreads
29) wear my mouthguard nightly
30) love louder, larger, longer.
31) take some mini vaca’s with friends this summer
32) attend BlogHer in NYC with Cindy
33) go to eat at the Guatamalen place with the oatmeal
34) go to Whole Foods in Tx and bring back FROAST
35) see my nephews more often
36) go snow tubeing at the ballpark next December
37) rearrange my office/library so that it is organized and does not give me hives
38) all cats to the vet
39) plant some things this spring…herbs, veggies, flowers
40) look into a retirement account
41) get the instructions off of Ebay for my bow maker
42) be a better friend at remembering birthdays
43) watch the ENTIRE series of Battlestar Galactica so that I may earn the right to say Frack
44) decorate for the holidays
45) take down shelves in garage and re-organize
46) Raise the roof on a new Gazebo
47) learn how to use this computer to it’s fullest
48) SKYPE with my friends who live away from me
49) work on the all-class-reunion in Batshitcrazytown
50) donate more
51) watch Entourage series
52) finish Outlander series
53) think about eHarmony
54) deep clean the house
55) watch vidal sassoon dvd’s and refresh my skills
56) focus on the positive
57) get drapes for my bedroom
58) clean filter in my a/c-heater
59) take a risk a month? (every other month? every week?)
60) read more blogs
61) revamp this blog
62) participate in NaNoWriMo this year (SHIT!!!)
63) work on my personal style…polish that up a bit
64) begin my day with prayer/meditation
65) see some live music this summer
66) play bracketology during March Madness
67) celebrate owning my home for two years on March 17th
68) forgive
69) forgive
70) forgive
71) see Flaming Lips on NYE
72) eat at 105 degrees
73) visit Dion in Chicago
74) visit Carus in Vegas
75) host more parties
76) go see the new Sex and the City movie at midnight opening
77) keep healthy foods in my house
78) frame the family photos we took two years ago
79) clean out the little building
80) attend the Halloween Parade and host Smores & Whores 3
81) go to a local fish market and eat fresh fish
82) be a better family member
83) keep my feet in good shape
84) drink the water
85) add to this list

5 thoughts on “THE LIST–2010 Edition

  1. Frack, that's a good list!68-70, if you learn how, please share.WHOOO for Blogher!How do you feel about the gay-unfriendly vibe with eHarmony? I've been thinking about signing up for some service like that but I'm not sure I can get behind them you know?You can do this. All of this. I can't wait to see it happen.


  2. Re: eHarmony1st: I'm not sure it's fair of the consumer to be mad at the store for not selling a particular product.2nd: As of April 2009, they now sell that product.


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