You’re Number ONE!!!

My girl is having a birthday today, and I for one am eternally grateful she was born. Mama Kizz…HIGH FIVE! This time last year, I was waking up in Chrome’s apartment after a crazy day of travel. I had a party to crash and was soooo excited about it. Her party is tomorrow and there will be pins and bowling balls and cake. Oh she loves some cake!

She is the definition of resiliant and strength. She is the perfect mix of generous and kind and acerbic and insightful. I take notes from her on a daily basis…This year is going to be a big one for her, I can feel it.

Kizz, I love ya sister. I do. There will be a day…porch. frosted flakes. bad tv. margaritas. There WILL be that day…until then it’s YOUR day and I want you to know that I for one, think that you make 41 look gooooooooooooood.

and your gift will be in the mail on Monday. Because as much as I love ya, I still fail miserably on a daily basis!

2 thoughts on “You’re Number ONE!!!

  1. Nah, you don't fail. You just draw out the celebration. Thanks for all this, thanks for coming to the hootenanny last year and thanks for picking me. Love you.


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