went to see McCrackin today. apparently I was almost too inflamed and tense to even crack….ALMOST.

the man is a miracle worker. and I have been eating the ibuprofin. and slathering the biofreeze.

kids…it’s a bitch when a waterslide can bring you down.

I wouldn’t trade one second of it.

worked all day, had a fabulous fantasy vacay improv text with Kizz…Gave Noodle her 12 year old haircut and got schooled by the child once or twice…oy. save us all from that 12 year old!…then had some gazebo.porch....patio…sitting on dirt beers with LT tonight and just talked it all out.

i actually feel human tonight as I doze off…remind me tomorrow about my Life/Math Epiphany.  gah.

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