Firecracker Firecracker BOOM BOOM BOOM

I love the Fourth of July.

If I ever get married again, this will be the date for it.

It’s my favorite holiday. I have more collective happy family memories from this day than any holiday before…I can only remember one Fourth when there was fighting…so that’s saying something!

My parents would pack us up, be social with their friends, haul out to the lake, cook out and pop firecrackers. There would be hot dogs and homemade ice cream. We would run around screaming because someone would chase us with fire, or those tanks would come after us, or the screaming something or others would follow us…it was glorious. At the end of the night, our tummies full of sugar and nitrates, we would sit in laps and oooh and ahhh over the big display that the city shot off over the water…

at the end of the day, smelling of smoke and fire and OFF, we would haul it all back home and just be happy.

The day, of course, is more meaningful and powerful than that. Freedom. Independence. Blood and Sacrifice. All of it.

I hope today that you are surrounded by friends and love. I hope that you are letting yourself go a little, relaxing and just taking a moment to be. I am.

I leave you with two of my favorites.

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