I’m Breaking Up With These Hand Me Down Shoes

Sounds like a country song, eh?

I actually got up and walked for 50 minutes at the lake this morning. PseudoSis 1 and I got our butts up, and put on our shoes and we sure did. We talked. And walked. And sweat. And thought. And laughed a bit. And planned our day. It was good…

My walking shoes however, were hand me downs from Taryn and they just don’t fit. Blisters. Pain. Gah. I dont want to spend the dough on a new pair right now, but I may have to. Next month after some bar shifts. Because I’m taking this pair right to the Goodwill. Do not pass go.

Another hotter than ass day today. upper 90s with humidity and all other kinds of shit that make the heat index wellllll over 100. I refuse to think about the electric bill. I just won’t. The cats are all laid out this morning, outside, but will have gone to ground here in a few hours. Too freakin hot.

What else? Had a fabulous time with my family this week. I’m sad they’re leaving today. It was just like it used to be, getting to see them every day, after work hanging out with the boys. Wonderboy got a new DS game, DragonQuest or something. He’s all about quests right now. Wonderbaby is absolutely hysterical. He’s talking. and entertaining. and does both quite well. But they’re going back to their life in Arkansas and I’m heading to the kitchen for a titch more coffee and heading to work. I’ve got a doozy of a head of hair to color today. I’m going to need some prayer and strength and try to remember NOT to wear white. cuz it’s gonna be messy.


and the people said, “AMEN”

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