Tinkering. And Grouponing. And Yardwork.

Gert messaged me yesterday saying that when she pulled up my blog outside of her reader, it detected a threat. Gah. I dunno. Chris tinkered a bit and quite frankly, I like this look best of all the new ones! I have a lot to learn about the semantics of WordPress and blogging in general…lo these many years I’ve just been flying by the seat of my pants. Look! No hands! No hands! But we’ve still got half a year left to cross that off my list. Anyways, that’s why the redecorating over here.


Do you know it? Do you participate? I have recently jumped onto that bandwagon. This week alone I have had a dinner with M’lynn dinner and drinks cost us 50 bucks without tip. WITH the groupon I used? we each threw down about 11 bucks. Tonight, MS.PICKY and her Cleaning Service will arrive around 7pm and spend up to 3 hours cleaning my house. that was a 150 dollar value that I purchased for a mere 39 dollars. And kids, lemme just tell you there almost isn’t a price I wouldn’t pay to get the bathroom and kitchen deeeeeeeeeeeep cleaned. The house, while it always has piles and stacks here and there, has kind of gotten away from me. I think if Kim can just come tonight and really help with the big stuff, ceiling fans, floors, bathroom and kitchen mopping etc…I’ll be able to keep ahead of the game. There’s been a lot of internet flack over this service. The woman sold over 1600 groupons. There was IMMEDIATE backlash online…and who’s to say she didn’t make some mistakes. However me, being me, has been right up on that line, and sending emails and making phone calls to keep communication clear. The woman has called me personally TWICE to make sure I know things are cool, that Kim was running behind today and would be arriving later than our 6:30 time slot, that if there was ANYTHING I found to be unsatisfactory to call her at her personal number (which she gave me) and she would come over and right the wrong. I have told her I understand how the internet can turn on you. Boy howdy do I know. From personal experience and watching my friends…gah. people suck. So I wasn’t going to judge or spread bad joo-joo until I had first hand experience.


and having just finished reading The Help last night…I have mixed feelings about it! haha. Have you heard about this book? The Help. GO RIGHT NOW AND GET A COPY. You won’t regret it. I’m still sideways about it.

While Ms Picky is banging away inside mi casa, I’ma work that yard over out there. It’s nice and green and ass deep it seems! I’ma mow. I’ma weedeat. I’ma make it look right purdy for our ChromeComing on Sunday!

Helluva way to spend a Friday night, but whatever. I’m just happy to have the time. And airconditioning. It was a transformer that blew…did I tell you that? Yup. But it’s fixed. Onwards and Upwards.

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