Working Girl

I love this movie. I have always loved this movie. I love the theme music…I love the hair…I love that it’s in my favorite city…I love the underdog fighting and winning. It seems like the last few Sundays when I finally wake up, I scootch into the living room with my cup of coffee and it’s on tv.

I’m sitting here watching it again. Probably for the third time this month. Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me something?

I worked a wedding last night, and it was one of the really Good Ones. I came home with enough money to get one or two bills paid this week. Thank God for that. Salon work has just come to a screetching halt…barely a drizzle. Hopefully next week, with the advent of school…

There’s a lot going on in the “work” area of my life. Someday soon I’ll be able to write about it here. But it’s not appropriate to do so now…suffice it to say I feel like I’ve been swimming in a pool that a group of other people have peed in. And it’s not fun. It smells bad and I don’t want to do that anymore…But in the meantime I’ll keep plugging away. Keep focusing on my clients and keeping my head above water. Keep myself OPEN to what else is out there, things that I’d been tightly closed off to previously. . . and we’ll see where this road leads.

Cindy has been in NYC with Chrome and Kizz this week. BlogHer has come and gone. I ache that I missed this experience. I’m glad I had the $ to pay for my sewer and the eleventymillion other things that happened this year. I am GLAD about that. But I mourn this…Cindy said it’s in San Diego next year. I have family out there. I’ve never been. They have koalas at the zoo…I want to do that.

I did go out Friday night. Mgirl and I went up to the bar. I haven’t been up there but perhaps 3 times this year. It was fun. Nice to see old friends. I stayed up way too late but ya know? It just felt good. Did a lot to help my mood!

Today I’m going to PoshGirl’s fabulous pool. We’re going to float. And play with the kids. And think of an “A” name for her baby girl who’s coming in December. It shall be grand and fabulous. I look forward to it!

Hope you have a great Sunday…It’s going to be hotter than ass here. Up in the 100’s. In the dark air conditioned house, or by a pool. Only two places to be today!

4 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. I’m not going to the conference, but I’ll be going to San Diego with Cindy next year for sure. Start saving your pennies now. Loose change in a jar. Check the couch cushions!


  2. I’ll probably make Chris attend at least one day of conference just for the tech stuff. I’m also trying to talk T into it. May be something we all have to work on.


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