Opening Windows…

There’s been a lot of talk around these parts about change…feeling something coming on the horizon…change…being fearful yet leaping in spite of it. . . being open to the things we never gave a spare thought to…being open.

I just finished paying all my bills. There were two that were about four or five days past due, but…everything is paid up now. That makes me deliriously happy.

I’m about to have a visit with a friend and talk about living together. Roomates.

Yeah yeah, I know you’re all thinking…”didn’t you just do that Ms. Ridiculous?” well the answer is no. I had a kid in my house who stayed up all night long playing video games and burning the electricity. Who never took out the trash, or bought toilet paper or mowed the yard when I asked him to. Who let water drip into my home and didn’t wake me up to tell me. Now, I’m not throwing my family under the bus…these are all things that perhaps someone who is young at living a grown up life…well maybe these are lessons his parents never taught him. Fine. I’m talking about a roommate. Someone who will realize that this home requires respect. Who will help out with rent and allow me to get a little cushion in the finances. This…I think I can handle.

But we’re going to talk about it and maybe do a trial run after I get the drywall and other things fixed in that room. And that, being open to that and really seeing what it could do for me, makes me excited.

What are you excited about today? Any windows opening in your world?

5 thoughts on “Opening Windows…

  1. Hey, good for you. If this works out, it’ll make saving for spa weekend getaways, or attending blogging conferences much easier. I really hope it works out.


  2. And roommates can be fun when they are your peers, your friends. (Annoying sometimes, sure.) But you don’t get good box of wine/paint your toenails nights without a few messy kitchens discussions. Not at all what you had with that boy.
    I’m glad you are open to some help. I think that’s wonderful.


  3. I didn’t tell you what I was excited about today.
    2.5 weeks until my Idaho trip. Going to the gym tonight to pretend the stairmaster is a mountain!


  4. Kizz, I’m excited (and jealous) of your Eddie Izzard tickets. Chrome, I’m excited for your trip to Idaho too. I’m also feeling a little giddy about the new followers I have to the blog. And I think the room mate thing is a good deal.


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