Today is my last real day of clients. I have two tomorrow morning, but will motor out as SOON as I’m finished and head to the funeral. No goodbyes no bla bla’s nothing. So for all intents and purposes, today is my final day. I have some clients coming in, I think we’re having a little snacky potluck…it’s all good.

I had a lunch meeting with a friend of mine that has done boothrent for eons. I got some great tips, good notes about ordering, and record keeping, from him. I feel good about that.

Here’s what I need.

Quickbooks for Mac. (it’s pretty freaking expensive, from what I found…anyone out there have thoughts about a different version, or one that doesnt cost 200 bucks?)

Open my business accounts. (I will do that this afternoon or morning before I go in depending on my schedule)

Referral Cards…I think I need to print my own at first until things get settled at the salon. anyone have ideas where this can happen for a decent price?

Go buy my initial color/supply stock. (probably Friday or Monday)

Here’s another little glitch. And it’s not a glitch, it’s just different. The receptionist doesn’t do confirmation calls. My clients are used to that…Soooo I suppose I will take care of doing that for the first few weeks…gah. Also, they don’t keep the formulas/past history of the clients on the computer. People keep it in a book or a recipe box. To me…this is very Truvy’s Cut & Curl. I want something on the computer. I found an app called MyClient…for iPad/iPhones. I could keep all my client’s info, then if I went anywhere, it would be right there. Initially, there would be the work of entering all the data, but once I had it, when a client comes in, all I’d have to do is pull it up and update. I looked into software for my laptop such as SalonBiz and SalonBiz Light (which is free) but it doesn’t support Mac’s. damnit.

The iPad has always interested me, but only really as an eReader and shiny toy. Now…I can see how I would use it every single day.

Thoughts about this? Yes. I could write it off in taxes. I could. I’m going to ask around to my friends that have one and see just exactly what they think of it.

did I go off track? sorry. So much in my brain.

I need to go look for something to wear to the funeral tomorrow. I really don’t have any dressy clothes anymore…I do have a black wrap dress…but I look like a sausage in a casing. I think I will go to Target or Wal Mart or Ross and see what they’ve got.

Mandrea got all her stuff unpacked yesterday! Her room looks SOOO GOOD! Mine pales in comparison. I need some curtains. seriously.

welp. I just followed a trail of feathers and found a mess under my damned bed. Gotta get some cleaning done this morning, apparently.

Hey…it’s Humpday. Let’s all try to breathe through it today. I love you. I love George Clooney

4 thoughts on “Restless

  1. I use but Vistaprint got a lot of good reviews around Blogher time. I love Moo but they’re more expensive and they might not be as fast.

    For now could you just put the clients and their info in your Address Book on your laptop. Then you could have some time to work on finding some software you really like but not risk losing any information.


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