Birthday Girl

This is Chrome’s birthday weekend. It was actually Friday, and I text her and fb’d her so she knows I love her and have been thinking of her all weekend…sending good joo joo for a new year…it just doesn’t seem right to not commerate it here with a few thoughts.

The blog is not my first priority lately. It’s not because I don’t love you. Or that I don’t NEED to write the jibblejabble out of my brain…it’s just busy. BUT…it doesn’t mean I’m not talking to all of you daily in my head. Which brings us back to the jibblejabble and my need for the writing. aaaaaand full circle.

I’ve had many a memory with our girl Chrome…we’ve got inside jokes that only she and I are in on, and on the one or two occasions a year that we’re breathing the same air we laugh like hyenias and cry like babies. We’ve slept in a car on the side of the road before. We’ve lived in a one room motel room for a summer together. We’ve laughed and we’ve fought like only people who love each other can. The girl likes her coffee at room temperature and her Dr. Pepper warmed by the hot car. She confuses her Dayquil and her Nyquil and sleeps through her soaps on sick days. She is marching in her one woman band straight towards clarity and growth and peace and all things good, and she drops crumbs for us in the way of Dr. Ronnie’isms so that we may be sustained as we follow. She is generous and giving and even when she’s melting right down to the ground she will still be amazed and show you the cool new mascara that slides off your eyelashes in tubes.

This year for her brings a new living arrangement. Which should help her afford to breath a little easier, and will put her closer to her Tribe. All of these things I love. I wish I could be there for her this weekend and help move and paint and diffuse the overwhelmingness of it all. One weekend in the fall of 97 she was living in Cincinnatti an I was living in Goshen, Indiana. She called. (landline. no cell phone for us then) and the panic was setting in. It was moving weekend. and the progress was stifling. I jumped into my little Toyota Corolla and drove south about 4 hours and we got that shit moved right away. That weekend, I tasted my first Starbucks Frappuccino and ate my first Skyline chili dog.

It’s a full moon weekend as well. Last night, we gathered in my yard and as I looked up I heard her voice…”there’ll be another moon”


Here’s to a bizzillion of them! Happy Birthday my dear dear friend. Unlike that stinky nasty new drink we tried in that road stop on the side of the turnpike…you ARE my favorite!

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