12 thoughts on “Don’t Be Jealous

  1. I know you hate it… but thus far my favorite part is the shopping for the clothes. I had so many flashbacks yesterday… the people just stared at me in the mall as I was making all these noises and hoops and halakalems! I hummed Michael Jackson’s… Do you remember the time all day.
    I cannot wait!
    And I am hella jealous of the jacket. You can wear white… I never can.
    And all the other stuff I found yesterday… the non clothing stuff! Well…. wait and see! So totally awesome!


  2. I hate shopping because all the really cute stuff doesn’t fit me. the perfect 80s prom dress went to madchen yesterday because I’m too fat to wear that stuff. i’ve always hated shopping. and the $ issues/guilt spending. that’s just how I’m built dear. you know that.

    i’m ready to have the costume finished so I can just enjoy the ride.


  3. …or I could just share here, so everyone will know how (because everyone needs to know how). it’s really easy, but fumey. I did this once in a bathtub, but i spose you could do it outside too….less fumey there. you’re gonna need some old fashioned powder comet, and a -good- spray bottle of bleach (you want to mist, not soak). lay garmet flat, shake on comet, spray with bleach. viola, acid! it might even smoke a little. flip over, repeat. now it’s been a good 20+ years since i’ve done this, so i don’t recall how long it takes to react. you will want to watch it before flipping. then wash. you might wanna practice on a dark towel (just the comet part) so you can get a feel for how your shaking pattern will look.


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