Grand Re-Opening!

I’m so glad this day is here.

For one thing, this time next week I’m in the air, baby! NYC bound!

For another thing, it’s my salon’s Grand Re Opening party. This is what everyone has been frantically working towards. It’s about to divide the salon in terms of attitudes and willingness to help. It’s been a long drawn out month after month process and most everyone has HAD IT. I’m only 5 weeks into the malestorm so for me, I’m staying positive and trying to keep morale out of the gutter. But MY pateince with the negative kids is running thin.

SO. Tonight, by 5pm we will be READY as we can be. It is what it is. We will celebrate and hopefully come together as a team and just enjoy what we have in our workplace and get a little perspective and just enjoy. That’s what I hope.

I have nothing to wear to this shindig. My closet is a sad sad sad situation these days. I don’t know how it got to such a state…but I’m sure it has to do with the size of my hiney. I may hit the Old Navy for something cheap. I’m also doing the food platters and setting up the buffet and bar so I’ve got a little on my plate tonight. Sheesh. Good thing I feel tons better! My throat barely hurts. I firmly believe the rest, the chicken noodles and the hot apple cider were key!

Hey ya’ll…have a fabulous Thursday! We’ve only got a few weeks left this year. It’s a stunning revelation to all of us, yet it is a fact. Let’s get our Thankful Pants on and really enjoy this crazy time. I really enjoy you. I really do!

4 thoughts on “Grand Re-Opening!

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. Sorry some of the new salon girls are not ready for your brilliance. Sparkle anyway.


    i”d forgotten about that.

    not ready for my brilliance.

    it’s so true.


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