I Could Have Had A V8.


That’s how this morning started. A phone call that was the equivilent to a slap in the face.

And I haven’t written about it here. I haven’t written here much at all since I jumped age boxes. I’ve been so busy. So very very crazy ass busy…but I like it that way and I don’t want to miss anything and it is what it is but today, I woke up thinking, “it’s Friday, and I have no plans.” —anyways, I digress.

I reconnected with a friend from my past. And while we’ve been in contact the last few months, pretty regularly, we actually got some facetime in after the holiday and there was reason for me to believe that perhaps that would happen more often. This week there has been an ice storm between here and the edge of the state because shit started to freeze and communication ceased and after the phone call this morning, I’m pretty convinced that there will be no further facetime or any other kind of time put into this scenario…

so. there’s that.

funny how a week full of hope can turn on a dime.

no dwelling.

yesteday was a rough one for a few of my clients and I pulled a Truvey twice.
One cat being put down (extra treats to yours today please)
One is going through a pretty bad divorce/breakup. Dealing with all sorts of horrible things from her husband. Horrible words. Somethings…once they’re broken…can never be fixed. My heart is so heavy for them. Gah.

I have about five people in my close circle who are going through or just finished with this process and I just hope for them that the new year will bring a fresh start and that they can see all the brilliant possibility that lies ahead for them.

work is going well. Busy. My Tuesdays are still crap. But it’s ok. I’m using it as an “on call” day and it’s kind of like I get a three day weekend…doesn’t suck. I’d rather be making money, but oh well. I’m really loving my new salon. Meshing with the people. I’m pretty sure that the majority of them work with a different code than I do…they live pretty fast…and that’s cool. But I just don’t. There’s one or two that I think I could see being real friends with but the others? Co-workers. That’s it. And I’m learning that it’s just fine that way. I’m not upset about it.

life at Brokedown Palace is fine. I’ve got Christmas decorations and lights up and it’s cosy and warm and nice. Mandrea and I are co-habitating well. The cats are being nice, no carcass’ as of late.

Christmas shopping is almost finished…now just hoping things arrive in the mail. I have a few more things to get but other than that? perfectly fine. I’m ready for the season.

Ok. I’m going to have some coffee and shake off the way the day started. I hope you have a fabulous Friday. I leave you with my favorite Christmas song ever. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “I Could Have Had A V8.

  1. It’s good that you still keep looking for good friends even when it sometimes earns you a slap in the face. So sorry about that. People suck. xo


  2. Some people are just not cool. And you my friend? Are too cool for school, so they can suck it. Keep moving forward, don’t look back. That’s on a DOVE wrapper my friend Robin gave to me. It’s taped to my lab bench. You can borrow it. Love.


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