Something to Think About

I’m seriously considering doing the Dave Ramsey money thing. I’ve had several clients work that program and one of my YaYa’s did it this past year and is completely debt free.

let me say that again, COMPLETELY DEBT FREE.

I’m not saying it was easy for her, but it didnt take the entire year either.

I’m really really looking into it and considering it.

with the new job change, and the roommate, this year I should SHOULD be making more money than before. I need to manage it and get control over it.

So that’s what I’m thinking about. Have you heard of it? Have you done it or know anyone who has done it? Tell me your thoughts.

The family comes back to Oklahoma tonight to begin the Christmas celebrations. I’m excited. Also have a busy busy day at work so THANK GOD for that. Tomorrow, I’ve got auditions for a show called Skin Deep, and Sunday I have a bartending gig.

looking at that, I don’t feel bad about taking Christmas Eve off of work.

Still trying to lock down kitty care for next weekend, but other than that everything’s a go!

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

8 thoughts on “Something to Think About

  1. I don’t know what this debt free thing is… but yes. I am all about that. Did ya ya have Culinary School loans? Oy to the vey.


  2. Okay, Misti, you want to be debt-free (we all do), and here’s a program that you know has worked for other people and you’re considering it. So, I have to ask, why are you just considering it? Why are you not jumping all over it already? Like what’s making this iffy for you?

    I’ve read one of his money make-over books, and it made so much sense. But have I done it? Nope.


  3. did ya-ya speak of the ease or difficulty in this task? frugality can be a challenge, of this, I know…but I’m not familiar with the program, so maybe it not as much?


  4. I guess what I’m considering is taking the classes for 9 weeks and paying the fee for that added support and instruction, or just getting a book and doing it on my own. I’m going to work the program, I just don’t know how much support I’m going to use. That’s the thing. also, there are other programs out there that are free. SO that is where the considering comes to play.
    frugality DOES indeed play a huge part in all of this.
    I’m actually toying with the idea of no list for 2011 and just doing this one thing. ONE THING.

    hermmmmmm. i have lots in my brain.


  5. If you’re going to do this, a No-List 2011 is probably a good idea because the list will incur expenses (except for items like “Pay off ____ ). I used the ideas in his book in a half-assed sort of way and still managed to pay off a few things this year, and reduce our monthly expenses by $300.

    And since 2011 is going to be a year of big decisions for us, I’ll be digging up some Dave Ramsey for inspiration and encouragement my damn self.

    Keep us posted on what you decide to do. Good luck!


  6. For me, you know me I think about shit FOREVER before acting, I like to look at a lot of choices before I act on one. Reading Ramsey’s baby steps they sound similar to what a lot of people (Suze Ormond etc.) say. They’re pretty sweeping, totally correct, and how the hell do you DO them? So maybe that’s what the extra support would give you. I like that he has you concentrate on small pay offs first so you get the wins. Have you checked out Suze Ormond? FlyLady has a Financial Control Journal that she keeps entirely free on purpose. It may have some similar tools to what Ramsey is selling. Worth looking at for comparison. If having the support gets you out of debt in a year, though? Well hell yeah!


  7. I want to be debt free. That seems like a fine goal.
    I agree with everyone.
    Maybe I’ll do that, too.
    Tell you one thing….having a tiny space to live curbs the purchasing of unnecessary items, that’s for sure.


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