worn smooth.

yesterday was a day.

my client moved to today’s book, so my day was cleared to deal with frozen pipes.

the plumber came sometime after noon, and sure enough I had done the right things by opening cabinets and letting water run, but since all my pipes/water tank/washer/dryer are out in my garage, which is not insulated, everything froze up. FROZE UP.

So. The hot water is back, but some stern words from the plumber, and no laundry (which of course I’m desperate to do) forced my had into the world of “do you have any heaters for sale” across the city. In the middle of the second biggest snow storm, I’m the donkey asking for heaters. I did find one at my little Ace Hardware around the corner. 79 dollars she quotes me and I say, I’m on my way. Get to the store and it’s really 99 dollars because it’s computerized. it’s tiny. I pay the 79 and go home and it doesn’t even work in the garage. Too cold to even make a dent. sigh. So I start thinking bigger, and call the places like Lowes and Homgirl Depot and not even hiding their disdain and laughter when they tell me “none in stock” I think bigger. Tractor Supply!!! Huzzuah. Yes. They have kerosene heaters. Yes it will heat a garage or a shop. Yes they have some for sale. No. they have no kerosene. Sigh.

Calling around again. Found a 5 gallon drum of fuel at Lowes about 20 miles south of me. Then have to drive 40 minutes north to the supply store. Then back home to unload and of course, I had to assemble it. Then fuel it up. But first I read ALL the directions. I didn’t want to burn baby burn. Had to let the wick soak for an hour before lighting the first time, so I took the little 79 dollar heater back to the little store and got my refund. Someone could be using that, and I have a little indoor heater so it was stupid to spend the money. I’d already thrown down 160 bucks for my new purchases.

Home to read directions one last time and then I hit the auto ignite switch and VOILA! I DID IT! I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF! I FOUND IT, I PAID FOR IT, I ASSEMBLED IT, I FILLED IT WITH KEROSENE, I LIT THE DAMNED THING AND IT WORKED!!!

Days like this make me crazy and sad and lonely. Not because I want to be rescued, but just because there isn’t someone else to turn to and go WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?? AGAIN??? and we both pile in the car on the Great Kerosene Adventure of ’11. But in the same thought process, I listed out the girls in my life, and there are quite a few that I can name, that would have buckled under this day. So. That made me proud of myself.

I’m not saying I didn’t send out some texts to my guy friends, kerosene vs propane, bla bla bla. And the minute I got the thing lit my phone rang with concerned calls from Mama T and Papa C, who were envisioning my heater as one of the industrial strength, tail gate type of heaters and just knew I was gonna blow. I sent picture texts of the instructions and after some consulting they gave the ok. It’s nice to be loved.

At the end of the day, no money was made. Much was spent. No working out was done, but mexican food with hot enchiladas and a cold beer were consumed. I’m feeling sad about my fitness that was going so well last week and about my food/alcohol intake which has been really bad this week. I want to get back on track. I want the snow to quit falling. (it’s falling here again. light to moderate my patootie) I want clients to come get their hair done. I want to gather with my true friends and not have drama and just enjoy each other and our lives. There’s been a touch of drama this past week, and while I was really broken hearted about it, I’ve said my apologies, there’s nothing more I can do. But more than that, I’ve seen how fun people think it is to run from side to side and talk. That grosses me out and has me reevaluating my circle of “friends”, and really think about who I have things in common with and who I really don’t. So anyways, I’m looking forward to some time with those that know me, and love me unconditionally.

This had been a big ole Yahtzee of words and thoughts and mumbo jumbo of whatnot. Sorry for that. I tried to get up and go to the gym this morning, but the roads are already worse than they were, and my gym is in a mall and who knows about parking and so I’m back here. With the snuggly cats. Killing time before I head into the salon.

Send some good thoughts to Cindy…she’s somewhere between here and there and there are flights involved and all that stress…send some good thoughts to my washing machine hoses and pipes. And the pipes of all the Tribe, lots are frozen, hope that none have burst.

Thinking ahead to Spring.

7 thoughts on “worn smooth.

  1. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! We are big girls, and we can do it!! Seriously, I don’t know if I woulda even come up with Tractor Supply, so kudos for that. And b.s. on the no working out…if you don’t think all that coming and going and fetching and lugging isn’t a workout, then think again. And, you’re doing it all in the freezing cold weather, so that bumps up the fat burning (according to the guy on Dr. Oz). So, you are just fine. Fine and Dandy! I’m sure my pipes are frozen too, or I’d say go launder at my house…but alas, we have old houses. and so it is what it is. nothing more, nothing less.

    As far as the drama…(assuming this is the same drama that was transpiring Sunday) I sat and listened to the other side of the text, and twas interesting how differently you both “heard” things. And we all need to remember there is no tone of voice in texting. That’s why there are emoticons 🙂 !! We will have a fabulous time next weekend! So plan on it! <3<3<3


  2. Hey! I know what! Put a dance workout on the Roku! Then you get to “workout” and maybe find a little fun and joy in the dance, too!
    You’re an awesome homeowner. For realz.


  3. Bring it all out tomorrow…. do it here. Stay with us… what ever you need. I’ll cook you breakfast Sunday. A nice breakfast. I love you sis. You’ve got this… bank.


  4. I wonder if our washing machine is frozen? It probably is. I made it safe to my destination. All was good, but I can’t wait to get back today. I miss the people in my life like you.


  5. I’m mightily impressed. I wouldn’t have been as afraid of blowing up as I would have been of asphyxiating. But you didn’t do either one and you saved your house. Go you!



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