Snow Day: Umpteen

i didn’t sleep last night. worried about snow and freezing pipes and my lower back has been so tight that I couldn’t ever rest. the voices were loud talking and gah. finally about 5:30 I got up, checked the water and it was running, checked the cats and they were in and then I finally got some sleep till about 8:30.

my roomie and her boy made breakfast, eggs and bacon and toast and coffee, so good.
I watched:
The Proposal
Kindergarted Cop (i’m not a policeman i’m a princess…allllright)
Sex and the City eps
90210 eps

I’ve backed 5 point banana nut muffins that were too sweet for my taste. so I won’t be eating them, the roomie will.

I’ve eaten within my points plus allowance for the day with pleanty left over for dinner.

I’m about to take myself a nap.

I keep thinking I should get out and do something. go to the gym. something. I’ve got anxiety over this friend feud that’s still kind of gnawing on me. I’m close to just blessing it and letting it go. I’ve apologized. Sent texts twice to no avail. No response. The division of friends has already begun and I have done what I can do. SO. I will have to just say to myself what I say to any of you on any given day, ” all relationships have an expiration date. some just are earlier than others. this one perhaps has just run it’s final course and that is that. take the laughter and the fun times and put them in your backpack and roll on”

so. maybe what I’ll do is have a xanax. take a nap. and meditate on letting go of that which I can’t control. enjoy the house to myself while I have it that way, covering up with a fluffy blanket and kitty and doze off to the vocal stylings of Andrea Zuckerman and Brandon Walsh.

By the way? Cindy and Chris are the ones leaving. A brand new world awaits them. Go to Elephantsoap for details and wish them some love and luck.

also by the way? next friday it’s going to be 70 degrees here.

4 thoughts on “Snow Day: Umpteen

  1. WOW !~ Congrats to Cindy and Chris. What a wonderful opportunity and adventure for them.

    On the side note, i am stir crazy! I have accomplished little to nothing today…


  2. i’ve done nothing really. just moved from the bed to the couch. am now on my third ep of How I Met Your Mother. I could just watch this all day long.
    New Modern Family tonight along with premiere of Mr Sunshine, with Matthew Perry which I love.


  3. Who? What? Damnit there is so much I don’t know. Who wouldn’t love you… and a date on friend ships? Well… fudge. I hate this. Anxiety. I love you. I love TV. I hate snow. And I need some time to sit in front of you…


  4. we’ve been trying to get that for weeks now. it’ll happen eventually.
    i’ve always had that theory…things last for as long as they last. it just is what it is.
    i’m fine. had a nap. watching some great bad movies per a friends suggestion. heading to the gym tomorrow then both jobs. back on track.


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