What’s Happenin

What is happening?

Salon business is picking up.
Job 2 is busy as ever. I wish I had more hours in the day.
The new workout place is awesome. Koko Fit Club. check it out.
My food intake is first and foremost in my brain. I totally overbought on the healthy foods this week. Sheesh. I have got to stay out of Sam’s Club.
I started writing the play last night. Julie and I met for dinner at Panera and some working. She’s got the brilliant editorial brain that will lasso my shiny shiny brain. I’ve written three or four scenes. Maybe this will be fabulous!
Kizz leaves for CHINA tomorrow. Holyshitballs. I’m so excited for her.
Its in the upper 70s here this week. I haven’t seen Lil Black Sambo but twice. That boy is out hunting.
I want to go buy some onion sets and get them planted this weekend. It’s time.
I’m not participating in the friend drama anymore. I sent a third and final apology email and he once again ignored it. This girl has never been one to keep sticking her hand in the grater. (haha. actually I am that girl but not this time)I’m out.
I’ve spent the morning writing so that I missed my workout window. I’ll go tonight after work. and maybe go out and walk around in the sunshine.
That’s what’s happenin over here.
how’s about you?

One thought on “What’s Happenin

  1. If he’s hunting, you know what comes next…PRESENTS!! teehee

    yes, to sunshine walking with vitamin d intake…good for you! Horn Seed usually has onion sets early. it’s gonna be 65 here today…gone tomorrow.


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