Mile upon mile got no direction
We’re all playing the same game
We’re all looking for redemption
We’re just afraid to say the name
So caught up now in pretending
What we’re seeking is the truth
I’m just looking for a happy ending
All I’m looking for is you

I love this song. I have loved this song for sometime now. I’m going to see Pat Green tomorrow night with my BEST friend and my Pseudo Sisters 1 and 3. We’ve all been on our journey over the past handful of months…lot’s of change for us. Physical, mental, professional, spiritual change…just a Yahtzee full of change. So I think this song is fitting. And I think it’s fitting that we’re going together

and yes. I’m still tweeking about no FB. I miss everyone. I feel like the party is raging without me. I really MISS the birthday notifications, so if any of you have a birthday that I miss…I’m sorry. Happy Birthday to you. I have got to get up and get my arse to the gym. My boyfriend David Payne is shaking his moneymaker on the news right now and it’s cracking me up!

It’s Thursday. The Normals are almost to the weekend. I’m going to see a play tonight after work, then the concert tomorrow, then my first wedding bartending gig on Sunday. BRING IT ON!!! Hey, here’s a lil something to get you going.

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