Rock Star Behavoir Begets 80 Year Old Napping


I have never been more excited to be home by myself cleaning house on a Saturday night in my entire life. It was a busy week with plans outside the house Tues, Wed, Thurs and Friday. I came home and napped but it wasn’t a really good one, my neighbor to the back is replacing the fence. noise.

So, I gave up, got up, made me a one point hotdog with 5 points of extras on it. and am on the couch with the door open. It’s gorgeous out there. I wish I had the energy to get outside and do some chores. As it is, all my indoor chores are calling my name.

I’m not listening to any of them right now.

Tomorrow begins Job 3, bartending at weddings! weeee! I am missing the Harvard Glee Club, and that sucks, but I”m glad to get back to Festivities and to the brides and my other family. I need to workout and get groceries and get my tire fixed, but I don’t know when that will happen…

I need a wife.

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