Trying To Be Good.

An entire portion of my tribe is gathering tonight to go play and listen to a band…and I’m not going.

My best friend has sent me a text saying that this guy she wants me to meet is at the lodge tonight…and I’m not going.

I am trying to be good. Trying to be grown up. I need to finish healing from this funky junk I’ve had all week. I need to be fresh for work tomorrow and tomorrow night’s wedding. I need rest.

I really really really really want to go out.

I need to save money and not go out.

Don’t worry, I’m already in my sweats and have clean sheets on the bed that I’m sprawled in. I’m staying in.

I’m being good.

In other news:

I get to see CINDY and CHRIS tomorrow. This makes me ridiculously happy.

I bought stuff for the yard/lawn. I’m working in the alleged 90 degree sunshine on Sunday and I’m going to soak up some Vitamin D and make some progress on this home ownership thing.

I feel so bloated and gross this week that I am THIS CLOSE to taking a fist full of Correctol. (cuz it’s mo fo a lady)

The program I’m applying to is English M.A. — 20th and 21st-Century Studies. I’d like to perhaps do an emphasis on British and American Lit someway, maybe since 1900 or whatever sounds good to the voices.

I just finished a book on my Nook. A Discovery of Witches. Yeah yeah yeah, take your condescending ideas about paranormal fiction elsewhere. I dig it. Clearly. I’ve accomplished NADA since I started it a day or so ago. Twas good and full of nice time travelly facts and a little touching of pink parts to satisfy the romantical side of me.

Everyone has been asking me about Facebook. “have you cheated yet?” I understand where their coming from…it does seem frivolous. Like starting a diet on Monday and seeing me at Chick Fil A on Wednesday. But this is Lent. And I take it seriously. I don’t cheat. I think it’d be really safe to say that I don’t cheat at anything but Putt-Putt. But I especially don’t cheat at Lent. I felt like I’d lost my mojo last week/earlier this week…but I feel better about it and seem to be pretty clear.

Abbylicious and The Vegan arrive next week from NYC! Huzzuah and Halakaleem! I’m super excited to see them on my turf and to have someone to sit with at Spencer’s wedding next Saturday and just to get some time with Abby. I’m just really excited for that.

It’s amazing how young Robin Williams is in Good Morning Vietman.

which reminds me, I need to go wash and slather night cream onto my face.

I am trying to be good, afterall.


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